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What are invisible threads?

The texture of the thread is close to the fishing line, but much thinner.

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What are invisible threads?

An invisible thread is a fiber made from a specialized polymer. Its advantage is high strength. As a result, a thread that is thinner than a human hair can hold quite significant objects:

  • ball pen,
  • playing card,
  • ping pong balls, etc.

It should be understood that the strength of the thread is far from unlimited. For this reason, professional magicians offer to choose objects that are large in size, but extremely lightweight to increase the effect.

An example is a ball of paper, a ping-pong ball, etc. In other words, it is necessary to minimize the load on the thread.

Due to the small thickness and absolute transparency, the viewer, even from a distance of 20 centimeters, will not be able to see it (on the street).

Invisible Thread Tricks

Naturally, an invisible thread is used exclusively in tricks with the levitation of objects. The magician makes magical passes and the object soars into the air under the force of his will.

In fact, the art of a magician is to arrange the threads in such a way as to create the illusion of their complete absence. In other words, so that the viewer can hold between the hands of the magician, and the subject still floated in the air.

This is not so simple, but still possible. Precision of movements and understanding of where the viewer will lead the hand is needed.

Today you can buy an invisible thread without any problems. Moreover, the instruction will be included in the kit, which will demonstrate in pictures how to put the thread on the wrist so that it remains invisible to the viewer.

The video will demonstrate an invisible thread and its use for focus: