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How to bring good luck to your life and to your home

Have you ever had the feeling that luck has left you, as if the whole world is against you?

Have you ever thought about whether it is possible to attract and increase luck? And here we do not mean various rituals and magic.

Luck is not paranormal this is what we create with our thoughts and behavior.

There are scientists who conduct real scientific research on the topic of luck. According to Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, who has done some research and published several books about luck, she really turns her back on some people.

Here is one example he talked about:

“One woman had 8 traffic accidents along a road about 200 km long. She was also unlucky in love. After she signed up for dating, a man who could become her couple fell off his motorcycle and broke his leg. The second man from "dating agency crashed into a glass door and broke its nose. In the end, she met her future husband, but the church in which they were going to get married burned down the day before the wedding."

But can luck be changed? Scientists believe that it is possible.

How to bring good luck to your life

1. Explore your choice.

Most associate luck with the game of chance. And, despite the fact that there is some truth in this, for the most part luck is associated with the choice we make. Even the smallest choice can determine who we are and, surprisingly, people with certain qualities that attract us.

Also, the choice can affect the environment in which we are, the way we spend our time, and the way we perceive the world. It all determines how the world perceives us, and the opportunities that arise from this perception.

2. Do not focus on failures.

No need to worry too much and think long about the failures that life brings you. Of course, you will need time to study the failure and its causes, but even at this time, think about how to avoid the failure, to find the right solutions, answers and opportunities.

How to attract good luck to the house

3. Think positively and find positive points in your failure.

Each failure should be perceived simply as a case in life that does not greatly affect long-term success and happiness. So you will be freed from the shackles of failure that bind you.

Positive thinking can really change your life. Just imagine: if you think about the bad, then you are unlikely to have a desire to do something useful. Say, according to the weather forecast, they said it would be sunny on the weekend. You prepared to have a picnic, but suddenly it started to rain. You should not curse everything and everything, but just think that the day will still be good and you can find good alternatives to a picnic.

Any failure needs to be worked out. Here are a few steps to do this:

* It is necessary to separate what is accidental or inevitable from what you yourself are responsible for, even partial.

* Ask yourself the question: “What useful things can I take from this situation?”. Simply put, find loopholes through which failure can be turned in your favor.

* Restart your chances to discover new doors, new opportunities. Do something new.

How to attract good luck and money

4. Treat yourself as a winner.

If you tell yourself daily that you are a winner, you will become a winner. It may sound silly, but try to say every day: "I am a winner. I can do this. I am smart and happy." This can have a positive effect on your life.

5. Be more open to different possibilities.

Very often, when we go somewhere, we expect a certain result. If we go to a party, then we hope to find new friends, if we go to the store, we want to buy something at an attractive price.

However, this approach is too straightforward. We go after certain things, ignoring the other possibilities that surround us. Try to be more attentive and open to other opportunities and surprises. It should be more spontaneous. So you significantly increase your chances of attracting luck.

Bring luck and money to your life

6. Visualize what you want.

Before you achieve something in the real world, imagine it in your head. What you can create in your imagination can appear in the real world. Moreover, visualization prepares you for possible obstacles and problems.

7. Ask yourself what you want.

People who are attracted to luck understand that the most effective way to get what you want is to simply ASK. By asking questions, you discover opportunities that seem ordinary luck to ordinary people.

8. Think that everything will be fine.

Optimism is not magic; it helps us move towards our goals. A pessimistic attitude only drives away opportunities.

Ways to attract money and luck

12. Stop complaining.

To attract good luck it is worth making some changes in your behavior. For example, get rid of the habit of complaining. Try to think more about how to help people. Discipline yourself and set the goals you want to strive for. Do not let fear stop you. Real workaholics create energy around them that attracts good circumstances. Good luck is not an accident, but a product of what you do.

13. Feel the moment.

Do not rush to the front line, getting into the thick of the most difficult battle. It is worth examining the whole situation and choosing the most suitable case. To avoid failure, you should think carefully. For example, if your boss came tired, you don’t need to tell him bad news right away.

How to attract luck and money yourself

14. Do not judge yourself severely.

Too critical self-esteem drives luck away. Stop telling yourself that you are a failure, or that you lack strength. A happy person has the best qualities, and you should understand that you have all the necessary qualities to achieve your goal. If you learn not to judge yourself strictly, then you will not even notice minor mistakes.

People from whom luck has turned away simply do not know how to rejoice. They do not understand what happiness is, so they just wait for incredible luck. However, luck must be respected. Even if a minor luck smiled at you, rejoice at it. Lucky people are even happy that they are lucky with good weather.

16. No need to blame fate.

Lucky people are independent. If you can’t cope with something, then the worst thing is to get into fantasies and start thinking that now everything depends on fate. Good luck turns away from those who give up and expect sudden luck. For a successful person, luck is not something that comes by itself, it is the environment in which it operates.

How to attract money to your house yourself

Doing nothing, you will not attract luck. A person who is not lucky is usually just afraid to take risks, but the lucky one just acts and does not think about the guaranteed result. The fact is that there are no guarantees anywhere, but inaction, a person deprives himself of even possible luck, but a lucky person, approaching business with optimism, can attract luck.

18. Learn to overcome obstacles.

Try to convince yourself that any peak can obey you. If you are not sure about something, then you should study the biography of outstanding people, many of whom have reached certain heights without having anything behind them. Also, overcoming obstacles, do not share your plans, as envious people can harm you with their negativity.

How to attract good luck and luck

19. Finally, for psychological support, you can surround your home with things that bring good luck.

* Horseshoe over the door.

* A frog with a coin in its mouth.

* A turquoise bracelet on a hand.

* Happy talisman (everyone has his own).

20. Who is the most fortunate:

Extroverts: spend more time with other people, more interested in opportunities.

People who are not neurotics: tense and constantly worrying often do not take advantage of opportunities.

People open to new experiences: if you resist the new, there will be no bright moments in your life.

People who sometimes deceive themselves can surprisingly become lucky, and here's why:

* Superstitions can increase productivity.

* Wishing someone good luck, makes you improve.

* Illogical self-confidence increases productivity and improves teamwork.

Scientists believe that self-deception can reduce stress, increase self-esteem, which in turn increases motivation and productivity during competitive tasks.

Psychological ways to attract good luck

In recent years, only the lazy does not speak about the popularity of auto-suggestion. A lot of books have been written on this subject and many films have been shot. It is worth noting that all this is really not an empty phrase and there are many examples that confirm the reality of this theory.

However, simple dreams are few and there are many nuances that must be observed. Consider the most important:

  • The desire must be positively expressed and real,
  • Asking for something from the universe, you can’t use a piece of “not» ,
  • No need to think over the path to the dream, because the final is important,
  • You need to think about your imagination as often as possible.


Affirmations refer to specific phrases that bring you closer to a dream. They use special words that inspire faith. In addition, the Universe better recognizes such expressions, because in the fog of thoughts there is too much superfluous.

It is worth noting that you can use ready-made affirmations, but you can invent them yourself. It is best to familiarize yourself with examples and then experiment on your own.

You can pronounce the coveted language both aloud and to yourself. Do as you feel comfortable. It is especially important to carry out this ritual immediately after sleep and before you go to bed. If you want quick success, then do not be lazy to think about it more often.

However, the most important thing in affirmation is not frequency, but faith in it. If you are a skeptic and just decide to test the theory, then nothing will work. Speak phrases sincerely.

The most effective affirmations for attracting good luck are:

  • I deserve good luck
  • I deserve happiness and success
  • My life is a series of wonderful events
  • I'm always lucky in everything
  • I pull luck daily
  • Fortune is always there
  • Success and luck go by my side
  • Everything is going well and the way I want it
  • My whole environment is the talismans of good luck
  • I succeed
  • I achieve my goals and desires,
  • I am a successful and talented person,
  • I'm happy with my life
  • I thank the Universe for my constant luck,
  • My dreams come true.

Pay attention to how phrases are built. It is very important to express your thoughts and desires clearly and confidently. You should speak as if you already have it all. If you build proposals in the future tense, then dreams will come true, but it is already unknown when.

Affirmations - This is a very powerful ritual that really helps those who believe in it. You can come up with expressions that suit your situation in life. By the way, the topics of phrases can be completely different.

Very many pronounce affirmations at the same time about luck, and about health, love, etc. However, do not go too far with the number, because it is better to use only 5 phrases, but very powerful and full of energy.

Believe in yourself

Surely you have repeatedly met people who are constantly lucky. Did you pay attention to their self-esteem or mood? If you really remember, you will realize that the lucky ones are positive every day and consider life to be the coolest thing.

They are really relaxed and do not expect any catch. They know and are confident that something good will happen to them, otherwise it cannot be. This is also essentially positive thinking, but they do not force themselves, because this is their way of life.

Do you think that you will not succeed? In fact, any person can control their behavior and this will lead to positive results.

Where to begin:

  • Start the day with a smile and thanks for living on a planet
  • Try to control the appearance of negative thoughts and suppress them,
  • If something bad happens, then look for the pros, not the minuses,
  • Believe that you will succeed
  • If something doesn’t work, then think that you don’t need this business, person or situation,
  • Avoid people who constantly whine and gossip,
  • Communicate with those who inspire you and have achieved a lot,
  • Try to look at everything that happens from the side, without judging.

Yes, following these rules is not easy, but they significantly improve the quality of life. Stop twisting in the head that you are a loser and the most pleasant events will happen by themselves.

Wish Card

This is one of the most effective ways to achieve what you want. Making a wish card is incredibly simple, so don’t be lazy to try this method.

You will need: clean whatman, several magazines with colorful pictures, scissors, glue and good mood.

Sit down to make a card only with an enthusiastic mood. You should choose pictures from magazines that you really like. Cut everything that interests you, but use different themes.

You need to stick these images in a certain order, since each zone is responsible for a certain area. You can use our table by imagining that this is your Whatman paper:

Wealth, money, cars, jewelryGlory, success, achievement, recognitionLove, relationship, marriage
Family, Health, Friends, HomeYour photo Children, creativity, hobbies
Knowledge, education, self-realizationCareer, position, professionTravel, helpers, idols

Find pictures on these topics and stick them in their place. It is important not to leave spaces, because the map should be rich and solid. If you glue people, then they should be happy, bright and beautiful.

After you make your poster, hang it in a prominent place in your room. Try to devote at least a couple of minutes every day to viewing and observing images. You must see your desires and feel that you already have all this.

After some time, you will notice that some events happen by themselves and they surprisingly coincide with your pictures. Some celebrities said they were even given certain jewelry, which they stuck onto their wish card. This amazing thing really helps those who believe in it.

other methods

  • Seek inspiration everywhere and in everything. The more good things around you, the faster you will see the change. This applies to completely different details.
  • Watch positive and wise films. In fact, they also teach a lot, raise their spirits and make them believe in themselves. Exclude horrors, thrillers and dramas from your life. There are enough such stories in life, so you do not need to burden yourself with additional negativity.
  • Rejoice at everything that comes into your life. If fortune begins to smile, then don’t think that it will leave you. Even if he leaves, then you can be upset later, but for now enjoy the situation.
  • Try to believe your intuition and listen to it more often. If you want to go to a certain event, then definitely go. Do not think that you are not good enough or do not reach the society that will be there. Reach for the inaccessible and inaccessible more often.
  • You must be able to go around the comfort zone in order to get what you never had in the finale.. The same goes for intuition signals when you do not need to do something. Just please do not confuse them with laziness. Learn to listen to yourself.

Magical ways to attract good luck and luck

Magical methods can be completely different. To use them, you do not need to go to a witch or an expensive fortune teller. Now we know a huge number of other practices that attract luck, which do not require large investments and labor.

They can help you in a variety of specific situations, and not just in the overall attraction of success. Ordinary conspiracies, omens, talismans and all that is really easy to buy or do can have a powerful effect. Many rituals have been known for centuries and have been tested by millions of people.

Prayers and conspiracies at home

The easiest way, of course, is to say some kind of prayers to attract good luck or conspiracies. They do not take much time, but they must be used carefully and carefully.

How to attract luck with them? Be sure to follow the advice that the author indicates. A lot depends on the place where you are, on objects and even on the time of day.

In this case, one psychological point is important: you need to believe that luck will really come if you make some kind of rite or pronounce certain words. You need to be sincerely aware of the involvement of these methods in your luck. Just do not be distracted and think only about what you want to achieve.

How to attract good luck at work

This applies to increase, and a decent salary, and even job search. The right words and actions will help you achieve what you want in a short time.

To fulfill the plot you need to get up with the first rays of the sun. Look in advance at what time the sunrise will be and set an alarm at least 5-10 minutes earlier. Go to the window and watch the sun appear. Отключите все посторонние мысли и тихо прошепчите слова:

«Солнышко, ты с неба людям свети, свое тепло земле матери подари. Мне же пошли удачу, чтобы дело мое получилось. Солнышко, ты жизни земной исток, ты света мощного и энергии поток. Мне пошли успех, чтоб стать самой счастливой!»

Another plot to be read on the full moon. Before it is necessary to conduct a small ceremony that will enhance the effect of words. To do this, prepare a glass of clean water and throw one coin into it. Then say the text above the water:

“I have luck and success, in the hands of fortune.
Everything is within its power, everything conceived is carried out.
I’m smart, I’m sure the enemies are away, failures are over. ”

Good luck in business

If you have your own business and need development, that is, very effective conspiracies. They will help you attract good luck in trading, new customers, money and fame.

For this plot you will need a small bag of fabric. It will need to put 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried basil, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, grated and dried peel from two apples, as well as one silver and three copper coins. Then you need to say the phrase:

“Tasks are behind, things are ahead, profit is in the middle”

It is very important to put this talisman where you work. You can hide it in a table or hang it in a cabinet with documents. Every Monday, the bag must be removed and, fingering it in his hands, pronounce a familiar conspiracy.

Another rite must be performed on the full moon. For him, you need to prepare a clean plate, a candle, several needles from a cedar tree and a couple of pinches of cinnamon. Put the spice and branches in the middle of the dishes and throw three shiny coins on the table next to it. While pronouncing the words, hit the money with your thumb:

“A shiny coin, sparkling and round like a moon. Give me well-being. Fill my palms with many like you. Grow, grow like my luck ”

Good luck on the exam

In addition to conspiracies, there are certain rules that must be observed:

  • Our hair has a lot of energy, so just before the exam, don’t cut your hair or wash your hair,
  • At night, you need to hide a notebook or textbook on this subject under the pillow,
  • Put a five-ruble coin in the shoes you wear
  • In the room where the exam will be held, you need to go with your right foot.

As for the plot itself, then for it you need to get up a little earlier and go to the window. Following the first person you see there, say the phrase:

“My head is bright, my mind is clear, my mind is strong. I know everything, I can do everything, I understand everything easily, I have an answer to all questions. With any task, luck comes to me ”

Of course, if you did not learn anything at all, then something is unlikely to help you. It is possible to attract luck and luck yourself, but at least minimal knowledge must be present.

There were many cases where, using all the rules and this phrase, people pulled out the right ticket or had questions that they knew a clear answer to.

Good luck for happiness and love

This conspiracy will help you build relationships in the family or meet your love. Amazing things will begin to happen to you and you will notice that happiness comes to your home.

You can attract good luck to your family with this rite. Get up before dawn and make a glass of clean water. It’s good if there are fresh flowers in the room. When it begins to light, utter a conspiracy, bending over the water:

“Oh, you, Lada Mother! Holy Mother of God the Blessed! Do not leave us without happiness and good luck! “Our grace has come upon us, just as we honor and love you, now and at all times and from year to year, until the end of time, until the sun shines on us!”

Say the words three times, and then drink the water you use.

Prayers for Good Luck

In this case, you need to turn to God, in whom you believe. For this, you do not need a certain time of day or any additional signs. Say prayers when you feel sincere faith in hearing and seeing you.

The most powerful and effective prayers are:

“The angel of God, my saint’s keeper, has been presented to me from God from heaven by God! I pray you intensely: now enlighten me, save me from any evil, direct me to a good deed, and guide me on the path of salvation. Amen"

“O generalist, holy great martyr and miracle worker George!
Send us your soon help, and begged the God of God,
May he not punish us sinners by our own mistakes, but let him do with us in his great kindness. ”

Talismans and Amulets

These items have tremendous energy, so you need to buy talismans wisely. Certain minerals or actually prepared amulets will work well.

The most significant stones to attract success:

  • Aventurine. It really attracts success and luck. Things begin to take shape on their own. It is good to take aventurine for important meetings or on the day of real estate purchase.
  • Olivine. Carry it with you for important interviews or dates. If you are starting your own business, be sure to buy this mineral and carry it in your purse or jacket pocket.
  • Lapis lazuli. Helps in new ventures and at a crossroads. Simplifies difficult choices, enhancing intuition.

Items for good luck:

  1. Ask friends who have achieved much in life about the presence of a money tree in the house. Ask them to give you a sprout and plant yours. Care for him carefully and after a while you will notice that the problems in finances go away.
  2. Luck brings an image of a unicorn. Find or order a picture with this beast and hang it in the main room of the house.
  3. If you have an aquarium, then buy an American cichlid. Many say that this fish brings happiness and luck.
  4. For many centuries, the horseshoe has been one of the most powerful talismans of good luck. You need to hang it above the front door.
  5. The figurine of an elephant, a rhino, a cat with a raised paw, a golden key, a turtle, an aravan, a four-leaf clover and a three-legged toad also bring success to your life.
  6. Paired items are one of the most powerful talismans to attract good luck in your personal life.
  7. The coin of the year of release coinciding with your year of birth is considered a very good talisman.

Homemade amulets:

  • On the first day of the new moon, take a new candle and make a few drops of wax on a clean plate. During this ritual you need to pronounce your desires. When the wax cools down and develops a pattern, hide it in a bag and store at home.
  • Sew a bag of red fabric, as it is a color that attracts luck. Then pour in a little allspice, cloves and bay leaf. Three full moon in a row clean it on the window. Then you can carry with you on especially important days.
  • For six days in a row, save change from coins, and on the seventh in the gift shop buy the thing that you will like first. Throw out the remaining money over your left shoulder at the intersection, reading the words: “Paid, paid for everything in full! May it be so!". Do not talk to anyone on the way home, and keep the talisman in a secluded place.

1. How to attract money and good luck in life - an overview of the ways: conspiracies, signs, mantras, prayers, talismans ...

According to experts in the field of psychology, successful individuals have qualities such as calm, confidence, poise.

There are different categories of people. Someone prefers to live on passive income, for example, from housing, while others are looking for active ways to earn money.

There are several rules for luck and raise money., which we will tell you about below.

First rule is to change the attitude towards money. You must understand that money is a certain energy that feeds on a positive attitude.

✔️ Toto attract money and good luck to yourself do not complain about your fate and lack of money. You must tell yourself what you can achieve success and you deserve to earn more. Thank fate for what you have.

Change negative thoughts and emotions to positive! It is not so simple, but it will allow you to become happier and attract more wealth in the very near future! 🙂

Second rule says that you should completely remove from your mind the phrase that you can never earn or buy this or that thing. Talk about what you are sure to get what you want .

Third rule helping to attract money on their own is to establish communication with successful people . It is impossible to envy others' successes, because this will lead to your personal failures. Try to draw positive moments from such friendship, setting yourself up in a positive way.

⭐️And be sure to respect and love yourself try to do good deeds to support your karma!

All the good that you do will certainly come back to you in a larger amount!

In order to independently attract money, one must not sit idle. If you believe in the metaphysics of money, then they will trust you. Read prayers and conspiracies for the day.

The right words form a special energy message that will help you gain wealth. And also make money amulets for yourself. For example, a red thread, lying with a coin in your wallet, protects you from the evil eye, and helps to attract money.

But on specific conspiracies, folk signs, prayers, amulets, as well as other methods tested by time, we will tell you below! 👇

Plot # 2: On Nutmeg

Nutmeg it is not only a seasoning or an ingredient for perfume, but also a special plant with magical properties. The nutmeg plot is quite popular in Japan. For its implementation, it is enough to take a nut and cut it in half.

Nutmeg plot

Then you need to gently push it, and with the oil that appears on the cut nut, touch a large bill, which should be worn in a purse or wallet, while saying:

And so it must be done 3 times , preferably on a growing moon in accordance with Japanese traditions.

Conspiracy No. 3: A conspiracy to attract big money

This conspiracy must be done on a cloudless night. It’s best to go outside after midnight. Pay attention to the starry sky - it should be clear and clean.

Nothing should interfere with your performance of the ritual, including street lighting.

Then count to 333 and say:

Conspiracy for money

Many esotericists recommend a ceremony for the young moon, which symbolizes profit and wealth in the house . It takes about a couple of months to conspire.

Conspiracy No. 5: Conspiracy for soul lovers

An interesting conspiracy that aims at luck and money. Do you like to take a shower after a hard day? In this case, you can close your eyes in your soul and just imagine how a golden stream pours on you.

Conspiracy for money in the shower

In this case, you must say to yourself 5 times phrase :

Then slowly count from one hundred to one in the reverse order. Then open your eyes and sharply count from one to ten. And also remember that water cleanses not only the body, but also the spirit.

Be sure to say to yourself: “As water flushes dirt from the body, so bad let it go from me.”

Conspiracy No. 7: A conspiracy to make more money

This plot works great if you already have at least a small initial capital. And no matter what size he has. We must put all the available money in front of us. The conspiracy itself is done during the new moon.

After you have laid out the amount, you must clearly pronounce the following phrase three times:

Money Growth Conspiracy

They say that this is a very effective conspiracy, which begins to work in a couple of weeks.

Conspiracy number 8: Conspiracy finding money

For luck in finding money you always smiled, you need to go to the crossroads on the growing moon and say clearly out loud:

Conspiracy to find money

The plot must be spoken 3 times, then go home. You need to conspire thrice throughout three months during the periods of the new moon.

Conspiracy No. 9: Cash conspiracy on water

Water has a special power, which is marked by people. For example, it is useful to drink the so-called charged water, which must be set while listening to pleasant classical music.

Prayers and conspiracies for money on the water almost always bring benefits. How to make them? One of the conspiracies is very simple and affordable. It is necessary to pour a glass of clean water in the morning.

Then you need to take the glass in your right hand and say three times:

Conspiracy of water for money and good luck

Then you need to drink water to the bottom and cross three times.

Conspiracy No. 10: The Full Moon Conspiracy

Moon - This is one of the most unusual objects in the sky. And he has a special magical power that allows you to act on a person.

Most often, conspiracies and prayers are done only on the growing moon, because the growth of a celestial object also symbolizes material well-being.

The following words should be pronounced on the growing moon at midnight:

Conspiracy to the moon

The moon itself has a powerful magical effect not only on natural forces, but also on the human subconscious.

Usually, love rituals are performed on the full moon, but for monetary rituals, one must turn exclusively to the growing luminary.

3. Attracting money and good luck in your life - 12 popular signs

Signs - These are special folk beliefs that have been with us literally throughout the history of mankind. They allow you to predict a particular event in a completely magical way. There are signs of money, and there are quite a lot of them.

A bit of history!
In ancient times, our ancestors could not exist without signs and popular beliefs. It doesn’t matter if hunting or harvesting was planned - people always paid attention to the weather, the behavior of animals, a variety of random and nonrandom coincidences.

The Christian church does not always favor objects or magic rituals. But as practice shows, pagan rites are closely intertwined with our ordinary life. Recall at least the Shrovetide rite, in which the effigy of winter is burned. This was done even before the adoption of the Christian faith in honor of the sun god Yarilo.

Sign 1: We Count Money Correctly

Do you have your own piggy bank? It doesn’t matter if it’s a cute clay pig, or maybe a simple casket. Popular beliefs say that you do not need to count money directly in the piggy bank.

To count the money, you can break it down or just pull the entire amount out of it. If you do so, then your piggy bank will only multiply.

Try not to overfill your piggy bank. Do it about a quarter. As soon as the piggy bank is full, then you need to look for a new vault for money.

Sign 2: Last money should not be

Very often we like to complain that we do not have money and everything is bad. This is not worth doing, because you attract dark energy to yourself.

Never say that you are in distress, especially to strangers who may bring evil or evil eye on you.

Say that you have as much money as you have for a living.

Sign 4: You can’t take money from hand to hand

Each person has his own special energy , and not always positive. There are many people who, even against their will, can send you a negative energy message.

Do not take money from hand to hand. There should always be something in your palm.

It is best if it is a small piece of wood. Wood can extinguish negative energy, which in turn comes from an outsider.

Sign 5: Do not carry money in leaky clothes or bags

If your pockets in clothes or in a bag have holes, then according to popular beliefs this will not bring you the desired money.

Not only is the little thing constantly lost, so it is still lost in an esoteric sense. Thinking cash flow is running out. Therefore, take a thread and a needle and sew up the holes.

Sign 10: Do not pick up a trifle on the road

Never lift little thing on the road. And do not lift anything, even if it will be a golden jewelry.

Popular signs say that valuable things lying on the road (especially at intersections) are often thrown by people who want to bring damage and lack of money. If you see a bill or coin, then just pass by without stepping on it.

Sign 12: Money loves silence

Never don't boast with your money. Firstly, it is not cultural. And secondly, money loves silence. It is in it that they accumulate and multiply.

There are many evil and envious people who are ready to destroy your financial stability with one energy message. Therefore - do not take chances!

4. How to attract money in Feng Shui - 8 rules

Feng Shui - what it is? It is worth saying that this is a science that studies the mysterious forces of the earth, water, and surrounding space. From Chinese, Feng Shui is translated as "Language of wind and water."

Have you ever wondered why the Chinese are so wise and balanced? Everything is simple, because they live in special harmony with their surrounding nature and can control the energy under the name "Qi".

The origins of Feng Shui are rooted in antiquity, and they pass from generation to generation for the benefit of people. Remember that Feng Shui is not a collection of predictions and will accept. This is a special ancient Chinese philosophy, aimed at unity and harmony with the forces of nature.

The energy of Qi allows not only to achieve this, but also attract money to your home. It is important to do everything correctly, measuredly and gradually, as the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui says.

Rule 1. We remove all garbage from the wealth zone.

Cluttered house - This is bad. No wonder minimalism and simplicity reign in Chinese homes. We often pull everything in our house, it is a pity to us to throw away old toys, carpets, Soviet slick furniture.

Старые вещи накапливают отрицательную энергетику , особенно это касается предметов, которые изначально не принадлежали вам, а были подарены или перешли от других людей.

Старайтесь для привлечения финансового благополучия сделать свой дом уютным и эргономичным. Не надо все заставлять ненужным хламом.

You can get rid of your problems and hassle by simply handing out things or simply throwing them away as unnecessary.

The opinion of scientists about why some people are richer and more successful than others

In psychology, there is a whole area that studies the issue of attracting good luck and money. The people who came to the trainings are first of all taught a positive outlook on life, composure and self-confidence.

A prerequisite for a quick turnaround of the situation for the better is a change in mental images. Imagining yourself in need of money or having lost your job, it is very easy to drag these fears into reality. One should think about the success of any undertaking and imagine what happiness he will bring. Otherwise, why take on a new business?

Psychologists ask about the attitude to material wealth in the family of a person who wants to get rich. If relatives consider them evil and by all means avoid wealth, then they will have to free themselves from wrong beliefs.

Changing internal attitudes as a way to raise money

To become rich and successful, first of all, they are prevented by their own installations:

  • fear of big money
  • guilty because of suddenly fallen wealth
  • inability to save and accumulate capital.

Having got rid of erroneous thoughts and internal clamps, a person will feel a surge of energy. Of the many ideas for improving the financial situation, he will be able to choose the best and, stubbornly moving towards the intended goal, will get a fantastic result.

The complete replacement of the sad thoughts of a loser with the thoughts of a self-confident successful person occurs gradually.

Rule 2. The house should not leak water aimlessly

Often we don’t even notice a leaking tap. Recovering for it will help us bills for housing and communal services or an awakened conscience. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, water should never leak in a house.

Water is a special energy, and it can leave home with financial well-being. To avoid this, it is enough that all the taps in the house are operational. And water in the Feng Shui system is given a lot of space.

Good advice!
To prevent money from running out at home, be sure to put a couple of coins next to the decanter with clean water. When conducting this rite, it is necessary to think positively and not think about anything negative or bad.

Rule 3. Buy a red lampshade for the lamp

If you ask what color symbolizes wealththen many will answer that it Red color. Red means beautiful, generous, rich and significant. In many cultures, this particular shade is associated with luxury.

In China, red is traditionally considered sacred. It is present in New Year's accessories, wedding dresses, traditional jewelry.

For luck to follow you need to buy a red lampshade for the lamp. This will attract money to your home. And besides, a lampshade of this color looks great and complements any interior with an interesting sound.

Red color, like an invisible magnet, will attract financial prosperity to your home. You can also purchase a red thread or make it yourself by tying it on your hand. This will protect you from the evil eye. Just remember that the red thread should not be tied up by you, but by someone close to you.

Rule 4. Keep a bunch of seaweed at home.

Seaweed is not only good for plant health. In the philosophy of Feng Shui, they tend to attract money. It is not necessary to look for some special algae.

❗️ For you, even the traditional norias or dried kelp . You can always carry a small piece of seaweed with you in your wallet, because the sea has a huge positive energy that you take with you.

Rule 5. There is no fresh air - there is no money in the wallet

Feng Shui is a philosophy of air and water. Streams of air passing through your premises will bring you good luck and success in money matters. Always important ventilate the room , and it’s best to do it twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed.

Mentally think at such moments only about the best and imagine the imminent financial well-being that will certainly knock on your door.

Rule 6. Buy a Money Tree

Money Tree or Bonsai tree - an amazing plant. It is believed that it rarely blooms. But if you see its flowering at least once, then you can safely count on luck and luck in any money matters.

This plant is not expensive, it looks beautiful and perfectly complements your home with an interesting and fresh sound. Money tree is sold literally in any store.

The Chinese adore this plant along with a tangerine tree. Money tree is in almost every house of a simple Chinese. According to Feng Shui, the presence of plants in the room positive effect on a person, his life and psyche.

Get this cute plant that will decorate your home and help to draw prosperity and success into your life. Carefully care for the plant, talk with it, ask for prosperity.

And then Bonsai may well bloom, which is considered an extremely kind and positive sign.

Rule 7. Get a turtle

The tortoise is a wise and cute animal, which is quite easy to care for. You can get this animal in order to attract success and money to your home.

In the philosophy of Feng Shui, the turtle personifies calmness, measuredness, wealth. This animal will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. And the tortoise is much easier to care for than the cat or dog.

5. Prayers for money and good luck - TOP - 5 most powerful prayers

Prayer for help in money uttered sincerely and from a pure heart, will improve your financial situation. At such moments, it is important to understand that you must believe and ask the saint sincerely. Everything in life is not always smooth and good, because financial problems can arise literally from nowhere.

About prayers!
Prayer for money is a certain meaningful sacred ritual that allows one to hope for a solution to their problem with the participation of higher forces. You can ask God or saints for help in work, money, family life.

Of course, they say that happiness is not in money, but you can’t live without it either. They allow you to live and feel happy. Therefore, there is nothing scary in prayer asking for them.

With lack of money, most often people turn for help to:

  • Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker
  • Matron of Moscow,
  • To St. Spyridon,
  • Wange.

No. 1 - Prayer to Spiridon of Trimifuna for money and prosperity

St. Spyridon of Trimifun helps all poor and destitute people. In the south-east of Cyprus, a relic that once belonged to the saint is still preserved. In the church of the Virgin Mary, the shoes of St. Spyridon are stored, which help people in problems.

⭐️Saint Spyridon of Trimifun became famous for being absolutely selflessly helped disadvantaged and needy people.

He was a simple shepherd who gave the last to the needs of the wanderers of poor people. Prayer to Spiridon is very popular among people in need of money.

Praying to the saint, one must mentally turn to him and ask for help as follows:

Saint Spyridon will certainly hear your sincere prayer and will help you in your affairs. Always turn to God and the Saints, not with selfishness, but with pure soul .

Then help from higher powers will definitely come, because prayer is a special energy message that has miraculous power.

No. 2 - Prayer for the attraction of money to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the patroness and patroness of all disadvantaged people. She can be prayed at any time. The main thing is to do it sincerely and with an open soul.

❗️You can ask for prosperity both at home and in the temple. Always mentally refer to the Virgin. Remember that it helps really needy people.

If you ask for money, especially not needing them, then will it be honest with respect to your conscience?

Before the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one must necessarily cross himself and say:

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary will certainly help those who need her. Remember that faith is, first of all, our thoughts, actions, feelings.

№3 - Prayer Matrona of Moscow for money

Matrona of Moscow is one of the most revered saints whom people turn to for help. Sincere prayer, coming from a pure heart, will allow you to improve your position and find peace of mind.

Prayer is not suitable for people who are greedy for enrichment. If a difficult moment has come in your life, then the Holy Matron will certainly help you.

❗️Before turning to Matron, it is advisable to withstand a small post and not eat animal food - even if it will be only 1 day.

Daily prayer can help you in attracting money and good luck. She will become your defense and give strength to the spirit.

It is necessary to turn to Matron with the words:

Prayer Matrona of Moscow for money

Saint Matron was born in a simple ordinary family. Her whole holy life was filled with amazing miracles.

Matrona was born blind, but the Lord gave her a special power to help people in their troubles.

Prayer Matrone is one of the most effective!

№4 - Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for money

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the main saints in Orthodoxy. The miracles that were associated with his name are still rumored.

⭐️Many people succeed healed , got rid of their troubles , improved their financial situation addressing sincere requests to the saint.

You can pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker after a short fast in order to purify your spirit by abstinence from animal food. Turning to the saint, always mentally imagine his image and say the following words:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

From an early age, Nikolai the Miracle Worker surprised people. During his baptism, he stood on his feet for three hours, still not able to walk properly.

His parents could not have children for a long time, and they literally prayed to the Lord that he would give them a child. And so it happened.

In adulthood, Nicholas the Wonderworker left a worldly life and spent his life in poverty and prayer. He suffered many difficult trials, but despite this, he helped people, healing their illnesses and relieving sorrow and sorrow.

No. 5 - Prayer for money from Vanga

Vanga is a famous Bulgarian soothsayer, who at one time was known throughout the world. Her predictions always came true and during her life people from all over the world sought her for help or advice.

It is not for nothing that they call modern Nostradamus, because her words have come true and still come true.

When praying Wang, one must mentally address the saint and say:

Prayer for money from Vanga

Such a simple prayer can be said every time before going to bed, and it really will help you.

Vanga’s life was far from cloudless. However, she withstood all the blows of fate is always steadfast! Her gift, which she received from above, allowed her to do good deeds and help thousands of suffering people all over the world.

She glorified her country Bulgaria to the whole world, and now pilgrims from around the world often visit her modest house.

6. A powerful mantra for luck, wealth, health ...

I want to share with you another effective mantra that will help you direct your life for the better:

Every hour I get richer

Every day I get richer
Every month I get richer
Every year I get richer!

The word " richer "Here you can replace with" luckier «, « healthier «, « more successful " etc. - In general, everything that you lack in life.

A very important word in this mantra is " yet "Because it subconsciously tunes yours to success, wealth, health ...

Repeat this mantra as often as possible! As soon as a minute of free time has appeared, do not be too lazy to pronounce it several times. Also, for example, when traveling by bus or walking to work!

This mantra works very powerfully on a subconscious level!

Special mantras with musical accompaniment also work very well, for example, you can find a lot of them on YouTube, just turn on, relax (calming your mind) and listen. Here is one of them:

7. Amulets and talismans to attract money and good luck

Probably everyone in life had amulet or mascot . Such things have a special magical power, which allows you to attract the good in life. Many dream of getting a good salary or winning the lottery. And this is possible if you make yourself a mascot.

Amulets and talismans of wealth and good fortune

One of the most popular money mascots is unchangeable bill , which is put in the wallet. It can be both large and small. The larger the bill, the more income you will receive. You can use runic amulets made by yourself.

For example, it could be leather tag stitched independently and put in a wallet. But it must be applied to the image of the runes, which means wealth. Runes are worn around the neck, on the arm like a bracelet, or simply put in a

Communication with successful people

The status of a person largely depends on his environment. Communicating with embittered losers or people who are indifferent to material wealth, you will not earn much. Their point of view will bring wrong attitudes and reduce the desire to break out of a series of failures and poverty.

Even one successful entrepreneur, who appeared on the horizon, will bring great benefits. He thinks sensibly and is able to suggest what steps need to be taken on the path to wealth. In addition, he is surrounded by an aura of money, which will partially affect the beginner.

Seeking the society of wealthy people correctly and necessarily if you want to become the same as they are. Successful people will open up many opportunities when looking for work or help with opening a business useful to their own business.

The Golden Rule of Money

Money comes to those who love it. The “golden” rule suggests starting to dream about finances and imagine traveling to exotic countries or buying beautiful things that will become available thanks to them.

Some compose poems about money, praising them in every way. Someone positively affected by standing on the table with a bundle of notes. The choice should be made based on the characteristics and preferences of a person.

Popular Wealth Prayers

Prayers are a consistent set of words, formed over the centuries and tested by representatives of many generations. An appeal to the higher powers for help has been accepted since time immemorial. However, one should not rely only on prayers.

Success will come to a person who has expelled laziness and despondency and has actively taken up the search for ways to accumulate capital. Hope for the support of higher powers will give confidence in the correctness and effectiveness of actions.

In Russia, it is customary to ask Nikolai the Miracle Worker and Matron of Moscow for prosperity and well-being. Both saints never refused the afflicted and helped to correct the shaky affairs.

The famous prayer to St. Nicholas is as follows: “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray you for help. Please be strict to me, but fair. Send me prosperity and abundance according to my faith and save me from mistakes. Give me the wisdom to manage my money wisely, and attract the opportunities that give me financial freedom. I trust in you, for you are helping everyone who asks. Thy name be glorified forever and ever. Amen".

Another prayer addressed to the guardian angel will help to achieve success in any business, and not just related to finances: “I urge my guardian angel to touch my fate, to direct my paths into the channel of prosperity and good luck. When my guardian angel hears me, by a blessed miracle, my life will take on a new meaning, and I will find success in today's business, and there will be no obstacles for me in future affairs, for the hand of my guardian angel guides me. Amen".

Rites, conspiracies for good fortune and wealth

A business that promises an influx of finance should begin with a rising moon. There is an ancient rite also associated with it. After taking out the largest bill from the wallet, you need to lift it up and, showing the sickle of the month, say: "As you grow, let my money grow too."

It is useful to recount money more often and never leave your wallet empty. When shopping, it is worth leaving at least one coin in it. Folding banknotes into the wallet, you should carefully straighten them and place them in seniority, “facing” you. Money appreciates respect and will not fail to please its loyal fan.

According to the clairvoyant Vanga, a strong conspiracy for abundance and good luck was recorded. It is made on brown bread, on an empty stomach. Having broken off a piece from the loaf and waiting for the night, you need to retire in the room and say the following: “God, as you fed all the hungry and needy during the lifetime, so help all of my family members so that they always feel full. Draw good luck to me, and take grief. Let the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my house and never end. I solemnly promise to spend every penny wisely and help everyone who needs it. Amen".

Feng Shui Technique

Equipping the interior of a house or office, the Chinese and other peoples of the East are trying to arrange furniture and mirrors in the order established by the Feng Shui teachings. Древняя восточная мудрость во многом схожа с основными современными постулатами о том, как привлечь удачу и деньги в дом. Чистота жилища, особенно окон, выбрасывание старых ненужных вещей и одежды – правила, знакомые всем людям. Однако есть отличия, основанные на религии и традициях народов, придумавших фэн-шуй.

The hot climate made them appreciate and honor the water. To this day, when it became available in most settlements, it is believed that an aquarium or a small fountain in the room will bring harmony. The Chinese launch a certain number of gold or red fish into the aquarium to open the money channel.

It is always pleasant when the house smells of freshness or sweet fruits. In the East, ripe fruits were attributed to the essential attributes of wealth and prosperity.

Money Tree Growing

A beautiful tree with juicy fleshy leaves helps to attract money and good luck in the life of its owner. It seems to reflect thoughts of well-being, accelerating growth and increasing the size of leaves. It has long been believed that this flower brings abundance to the house. It is possible to strengthen his abilities by putting a couple of coins on the bottom of the pot where he grows.

Many people know about the specifics of the plant, and when they see a tree in a friend’s apartment with a lush crown and large leaves, they will probably want to take a shoot for themselves to improve their “cash flow”.

The use of amulets

Another answer to the question of how to attract money and luck to yourself is the manufacture and wearing of amulets and talismans. Ancient letters and signs worshiped by our ancestors will help now.

Europeans wore a round pendant around their neck, depicting a coin with a pictogram drawn inside. Its shape has remained unchanged for centuries, and the manufacture of the amulet at home was accompanied by a number of rules, such as the order in which candles were placed on the table and the choice of time of day.

Feng Shui advises to tie three coins with holes in the center with a red thread and put them away in a purse, away from the eyes of others. The Chinese prefer to deposit gold-plated records with an engraved symbol of an animal patron from the eastern calendar according to the person’s birth year. The record is necessarily hidden in a scarlet case.

Among the talismans, one can note a frog with a coin in his mouth and a cat waving with his right paw. They also relate to the teachings of feng shui. In principle, any item can become a talisman, if you believe in its magical power.

Money Mantras

Mantras are associated with Buddhism, preaching peace and a friendly attitude towards others. Followers of the doctrine believe in the immense power of the universe and offer it to her to inform about their desires and aspirations.

The most common mantra that changes the flow of energy flows within a person: Om lakshmi viganshri kamala dhayrigan matchmaker.

Signs for money

Different nations have different ones. The Chinese are afraid of the number “4”, as its sound resembles the word “death”. What well-being is possible in an apartment or house with this number? Hoping for superstition, in China they refuse this figure even in the numbering of the floors of the building.

In Russia, popular signs prohibit brushing off crumbs from the table and transferring money over the threshold. A bad sign is a black cat caught in the way or a crooked person, especially if a big deal is planned. This sign makes it clear that things will not go smoothly and the intended profit is unlikely to be received.

Good signs include a coin found on the road, lying upside down with an “eagle”. To increase income, put a silver coin under the threshold of the house, and put a trifle in the corners of the rooms.

Expert Advice

Currently, many trainings are being conducted abroad and in Russia, giving advice on how to attract money into your life. However, no matter how professional the teachers would be, the main role in the process is played by the desire of the person himself to transform and become successful.

You need to be prepared for change and have the courage to remember the saying that it is this quality of the “city that takes”.


It is believed that the purpose of life is to achieve the goals that help a person to develop and find their place in the world. To achieve prosperity and well-being for yourself and your loved ones is a worthy task that requires energy and concentration, but the respect of others and high status in society are worth it.