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How to look beautiful in the morning: 25 rules

When we watch films, we sometimes envy the main characters, who, waking up in the morning, immediately look stunning, as if someone had conjured them at night.

Alas, it is difficult for a modern girl living in a frantic rhythm to remain beautiful always. How she will look all day depends on the image she creates in the morning. Therefore, the question "how to look beautiful in the morning after sleep" is especially relevant.

Healthy sleep in order to look beautiful in the morning

Healthy sleep is the key to a good mood and fresh thinking.

You need to sleep eight hours a day. No more and no less. Lack of sleep is immediately noticeable on the woman's face. Under the eyes are bags or dark circles, eyes are dull. And the woman herself becomes irritable and lethargic.

The exact position in which we sleep also plays a large role in shaping the morning look. Sleep lovers on their belly run the risk of waking up in the morning with a bruised face, and eventually with deep wrinkles, which can form from the fact that the face fits into a pillow. The most useful posture for sleeping is to sit on your back or side.

The best time to sleep is from eleven in the evening until four in the morning. At this time, the process of cell renewal takes place, and our brain is truly resting.

Proper washing

Morning washing is the most important ritual. Do not underestimate it. Most often, we wash ourselves, barely awakening from sleep, and sometimes even being in a drowsy state. Therefore, we quickly brush our teeth and wash our face slightly with water. But this leads to peeling and redness of the skin. But we don’t need it.

If in the morning the skin literally shines from greasy shine, then we take half a liter of boiled water and add apple cider vinegar (1 tsp) to it. Rinse your face with this solution.

Apple cider vinegar can be replaced with ordinary 6% vinegar. But apple cider vinegar is much more useful, because it contains many different trace elements.

If the skin is tight and dry, then another technique will do. We replace the water with milk with a fat content of one percent and wipe the face with it.

Well, if there are no problems with the skin, then it is quite possible to do with simple warm water. But in no case should you use ordinary soap. It spoils the acid-base balance of the skin and gives it a greasy sheen and peeling at the same time.

Beauty in the morning can be taken care of in the evening. The chamomile broth should be frozen, and in the morning wipe your face with these useful ice cubes. This procedure will not only improve the complexion, but also deliver a portion of vivacity.

Morning work-out

Want to look good and cheerful in the morning? Start it with charging. Laziness is not the master here. Every morning you need to spend ten minutes on simple physical exercises. They activate all muscle groups and set up for an active day.

Cool shower

Soul is an obligatory action that we perform no matter what. Therefore, it can also be useful. In the morning it is better to take a cool shower. Firstly, a hot shower reveals all the pores on the body. In the afternoon they will begin to clog and expand. Secondly, having warmed up in a warm bath, the desire to lie down and stay at home will only intensify. But a cool shower, on the contrary, will charge with vivacity and energy.

Cup of coffee or tea

A cup of coffee in the morning will energize you for the whole day. It's all about caffeine, which enhances the work of that part of the brain that is responsible for memory and attention. In addition, caffeine contributes to a better assimilation of the information received.

If coffee is a drink you don’t like, then a cup of green tea with lemon is perfect. Lemon with green tea is very invigorating. And if you add a couple of pieces of chocolate, you can get a positive charge for the whole day.

Glass of water

Be sure to drink at least one glass of water in the morning. A rested body needs water. But before going to bed, you can’t categorically drink plenty of fluids. Otherwise, the morning will begin with attempts to get rid of edema.

Drinking alcohol at night is also undesirable, because swelling on the face and bags under the eyes.

Moisturizing lips

Most often, the lips are left without proper attention at night, and this is fraught with the deprivation of their moisture, so in the morning they can look wrinkled and dry, even crack. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the lips with a moisturizing balm before bedtime to nourish and restore them.

Hair is one of the main indicators of a woman’s beauty! Therefore, in order not to wake up in the morning with a nest on your head, you can not go to bed with a wet head. Also, do not collect them in a braid or tail.

Hair also needs rest and recovery. Owners of oily hair type should always monitor their condition.

If necessary, wash every morning or every other day with special mild gentle shampoos for daily use. Normal shampoos with daily use will only harm the hair. They will begin to electrify and hang like icicles.

Airing the room

Fifteen to twenty minutes before bedtime you need to ventilate the room. Fresh air, which comes from the street, delivers a portion of oxygen, which is so needed by the skin and the body as a whole at night. If this point is neglected, then over time the skin will begin to experience hypoxia. And this leads to the accumulation of toxins and radicals, which destroys the cell membrane. From here arises an unhealthy, pale and aging face.

25 tips to help you look beautiful in the morning

Consider a few tips and rules that will make you look beautiful in the morning.

1. In the morning, the face looks swollen and tired. Wipe your face with ice cubes. Such a peculiar procedure invigorates in the mornings and accelerates blood perfectly.

2. It is imperative to cleanse the face skin of cosmetics before going to bed so that it can regenerate and breathe and look fresh in the morning.

3. Try not to sleep on large pillows, this can cause neck pain in the morning, as well as disrupt the flow of blood to the brain. Read an article on how to sleep.

4. If there is swelling on the face in the morning, use patches under the eyes. They perfectly remove swelling and swelling from the eyes, the look looks more sleepy. Patches need to keep 15-20 minutes. They are convenient and practical, since while wearing patches you can, for example, have breakfast.

5. It is worth washing with a special gel for washing. It is better to keep such a gel in the refrigerator.

6. Under the eyes should apply a special cooling gel. It works even better with patches.

7. Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair, wait until they are dry. Otherwise, in the morning there is a chance to look disheveled and there may be difficulties with styling.

8. Try to go to bed in a good mood. Before going to bed, carry out pleasant procedures, try to relax. Then in the morning you will feel good, which in turn will make you look better.

9. If you sleep with your face in a pillow, your skin may look wrinkled in the morning. Try to spend the last hours of sleep on your back.

10. Try to go to bed not too late. The body rests best before 12 a.m., so the sooner you lie down, the better you will rest and be more alert in the morning.

11. Before applying makeup, apply a moisturizer and distribute it, doing lymphatic drainage massage of the face. It perfectly accelerates blood and invigorates.

12. No matter how trite it sounds, you should sleep for 7-8 hours. If the dream lasts less than this time, bruises and bags under the eyes appear and in this case it will be problematic to look beautiful in the morning.

13. Another reason for the appearance of bruises under the eyes is the use of large amounts of water before bedtime. In fact, various processes occur at night, and water accumulates at night in the skin. Therefore, bruises appear under the eyes. So before going to bed, in order to look beautiful in the morning, it is better to use less water.

14. More time should be spent outdoors. The skin from lack of oxygen becomes dull, which contributes to swelling in the morning. Before going to bed, you can walk on the street for at least 15 minutes, so that the skin is saturated with oxygen, which will give it the opportunity to look beautiful in the morning.

15. You should ventilate the room before going to bed. Fresh air is the key to a healthy sleep. The skin is also saturated with oxygen, in the morning it looks much better.

16. In the morning, do not overload the skin with makeup. It is enough to draw eyebrows, even out the tone of the face with a light foundation. You should also use a product such as highlighter. It gives the face, freshness, radiance and naturalness. To make the look more open and fresh, apply a highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes.

17. The cause of bruising under the eyes may be poor malnutrition. In this case, you should reconsider your diet and if it contains various carbonated drinks, chips, an excessive amount of sweets, you should start eating right. Also, bruises can be due to a genetic predisposition, there is nothing to be done. But they can always be hidden using a concealer or foundation under the eyes.

18. Before going to bed, it is good to cleanse the skin of cosmetics with micellar water and gel. You need to spend as many cotton pads until they become clean.

19. Do not eat at night, just eat a light salad an hour before bedtime. Almost all processes occur at night. Skin cleansing is no exception. If you eat something dense before going to bed, at night the body will digest food instead of cleansing and refreshing the skin. Because of this, bruises under the eyes and a tired look in the morning also appear.

20. Many girls, waking up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and look good. But when they wash, they look slightly different. The skin is so responsive to water. To avoid this, it is worth toning the skin.

21. No matter how strange it sounds, do not wash your face with water from the tap. It spoils the skin, as it contains various impurities that dry and spoil the skin. Instead of water, it is better to wash with gel and clean it with dry wipes.

22. In the morning, waking up, do a little exercise, maybe a few exercises. You can try 6 exercises that you need to do before getting out of bed.

23. Drink green tea in the morning, water with lemon is also suitable, read about a great morning drink for toning here.

24. Take care of your oral cavity, brush your teeth before going to bed so that in the morning you can minimize unpleasant odors. You can read an article about this here.

25. If your young man found you sleepy, or if an attractive neighbor suddenly came in, behave calmly and confidently.

If you follow these simple rules, you can look beautiful in the morning and throughout the day. Do not forget about proper nutrition and minimal physical activity, this will always help keep the body in good shape.