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10 tips to tell a girl that you like her

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If you want to build a romantic relationship with a girl, but don’t know how to get off the ground, here are some tips to help you take the first step.

How to get in touch with a girl you like

Each case has its own characteristics, but there are generally accepted ways to hint a lady of heart on feelings.

Remember yourself in childhood or pay attention to how young children express sympathy for the opposite sex. They boldly make contact with the girl they like. Therefore, openness is the main step towards winning the young lady's heart.

Psychologists are sure that with the help of gestures you can show the girl that you like her, and, accordingly, understand whether she likes you.

When communicating with a girl, try to imperceptibly copy her gestures as if in a mirror image. Thus, at a non-verbal level, you will send her signals of your sympathy. Try to gently touch the young lady you like, straighten the stray lock of her hair, sweep the dust particles from the coat.

These signals will also tell the fair that you will take care of her in the future. Do not forget about the gaze of a man in love, but do not overdo it by drilling her eyes.

How to chat with the girl you like

After the long-awaited acquaintance took place, learn how to communicate with the girl you like.

To begin with, take an interest in what she is fond of. know what films she likes to watch, what music she listens to and what books she likes. Try to find out the features of her inner world. Sincerely show interest in her hobby. Learn all the little things about her. In communication, be gallant with a lady of the heart.

Learn to speak competently and do not use foul language. Young guys often use cursing in their speech in order to appear older and give themselves more importance, however, this has the opposite effect and speaks of your limitations and infantility.

  • Develop a sense of humor. Girls like to be mixed. And the man is pleased to watch when the girl laughs and a beautiful smile appears on her face. Therefore, tell really funny, appropriate jokes and jokes. Make fun of her, but do it correctly. Otherwise, you will inadvertently offend her, and then the whole plan to win the lady of the heart will collapse.
  • Enter the circle of her contacts, become a friend and comrade for her. Strong feelings grow out of friendship. She will feel that you are a real man and you can protect her in an unpleasant situation.
  • Give the girl compliments more often. Remember that all women at any age spend a lot of time on their appearance. Therefore, pay attention to her haircut, beautiful manicure, new dress. Give compliments gallantly and appropriately. Learn from the older generation, read the necessary literature. Also compliment her as individuals, praise her successes and achievements. The girl was given a beautiful appearance by nature, and she achieved success herself, through labor and diligence. Do not forget about it!
  • Invite a girl to a meeting. Choose the right place for the first time, such as a cozy cafe or movie theater. If you do not have the necessary funds, plan a walk in the park, where you can spend time without a lot of money. If she refuses you, do not despair, maybe she already has plans for this day, offer her another time to meet.
  • At the first date, do not be too assertive and do not offer to meet immediately. Chat with her on abstract topics and at the same time watch her gestures and behavior. Make eye contact with her. When talking with a girl, look into her eyes. Be sincere in communication. If you see that she does not look away, smiles, does not shy away from answers, most likely, she is also disposed to communicate with you. So you're on the right track. But don't be obsessive. If you offered to take her home, but she refused, do not insist on this, limit yourself to taking her to the right stop of transport.

Following these simple tips, you can feel more confident on your first date. The main thing is not to be afraid and do not back down from your goal, even if it seemed that you did not impress the girl properly. After a date, call her or write a message on the social network, ask how she got home. This way you will show that you take care of her, and the girl will be pleased.

Watch her gestures. If she straightens her hair, touches her hair - this is a sign that she likes you. This also applies if a girl straightens her clothes. She tries to look better with you. So you are not indifferent to her.

How to admit to a girl that you like her

After several dates and a long friendship, it is time to find out how to admit to the girl that you like her. Invite her to a cafe and bring the girl to a frank conversation. Tell us about feelings and find out what she thinks about this. Give her time to think. It is likely that she will agree to start a serious relationship with you, as she accepts courtship. Perhaps she has long been waiting for a declaration of love from you and is ready to answer your feelings.

But if the girl refuses you, do not despair and continue to look after her. Perhaps she has not yet figured out her feelings, or she is restrained by past relationships. Find out the reasons for the refusal. If the problem is you, try to fix the mistakes by working on yourself. In life, it often happens that a girl, having refused a guy to start a relationship, eventually agrees to them, yielding to the pressure of a young man. Therefore, do not give up and do not give up. Remember that you yourself are the smith of your happiness!