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How to add language on android smartphone

Typing on Andro>

In order to add the input language on Android, you need to enter the Device Settings. To do this, open the menu with a list of all programs and find the “Settings” program; in addition, the settings window can be opened using the top curtain or the desktop icon.

In the "Settings" menu, go to the "Language and input" tab. This section is located in the "Personal Information" section and is marked with an icon with a capital "A".

On the tab “Language and input” you will see a list of keyboards and input methods. Here you need to click on the “settings” icon opposite the keyboard that you are using (the keyboard used will be checked). After clicking on the "Settings" button, the "Keyboard Settings" window will open in front of you.

Here you need to open the section "Input Languages", which is located at the very top of the window. After that, the "Input Languages" window will open before you.

Here you need to set a mark opposite the language you need, so we will add the input language to the Android device. After the mark is set, the settings window can be closed.

After you have added a new input language to your Android device, you may need to change the default input language. In order to change the default input language, return to the “Settings - Language and Input” window and open the “Default” section.

After that, a window opens in which you can select a standard input language.

Check the box next to the input language that you want to use by default.

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