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Features selling a house quickly and profitably in 2019

Selling a house in a village often becomes a daunting task. Even a reduction in the already low price can be an insufficient advantage for buyers. This problem is familiar to many who have been in a similar situation. But in most cases it can be solved if we approach the issue with all seriousness.

First you need to understand that “fast and profitable” are relative concepts in a given situation. Benefit does not mean that you can simply sell at a higher market value. And in order to find a buyer quickly, you first need to make some efforts, which will take some time.

But if there is a willingness to invest your forces and, possibly, money, a profitable sale is more than real. And you can get a lot more than originally planned.

Factors Affecting Sales Speed

The seller may think that his house is perfect, or think that he is very bad. But it matters little if he cannot look at him through the eyes of the buyer. Only evaluating housing from this point of view, we can assume the timing of its sale. And if you want to speed them up.

Real estate buyers are always interested in discounts, the possibility of bargaining and prices below market. In the city, it is enough to lower the cost by 5-10% of the average prices, so that housing is bought in a matter of days.

In the village, this technique does not always work. The problem is that there are no average prices, so the buyer often himself does not know how much housing can cost in a particular village. Often, 2-3 houses are sold throughout the village, and sometimes there are no "competitors" at all. There is simply nothing to compare.

And it turns out that the buyer is guided, rather, by two factors: their own requirements for housing and the amount available. If he sees that he can get a better option for less money than he wanted, he grabs this opportunity. If the price in his understanding corresponds to quality, he can bargain or search for more. And only if he does not find the ideal option for his money, he will buy what they offer.

In all cases, it is worth remembering one thing: do not exclude competitors. Even if there are no similar offers in the village, the buyer can:

  • buy worse but cheaper
  • more expensive but better
  • acquire housing in another locality.

The price should be adequate. This does not mean that due to its location in the village, it needs to be greatly reduced. But there are often cases when for a house in a suburb with poor transport links and similar infrastructure they ask as much as for housing in the center of a metropolis. As a rule, such offers hang in the list of announcements for years.

Does this mean that those who need to quickly sell a house should give it for a penny? Not at all. But you should not inflate the price - you need to put yourself in the place of the buyer.

To find out the acceptable cost of your housing, it is advisable:

  1. See similar ads in your locality and others that have the same distance from the city or district center, similar transport accessibility.
  2. Compare the prices of objects among themselves, trying to identify the pattern. For example, according to the cost per square meter, the condition of housing and the yard, the presence / absence of amenities and buildings, the area of ​​the adjacent land, the vastness of landings.

If the task turned out to be too difficult, you can turn to realtors for an assessment. Simply tell them about the sale of the house, they will come and name the cost. This is a free service, and it does not oblige you to anything. The only thing needed is to give consent to the placement of the announcement on behalf of the agency. This step can help in the sale.

Condition of the house and land

The better the condition of the plot and the house, the higher the cost of housing. This is an indisputable fact. In recent years, there are more and more citizens who want to live away from the hustle and bustle. They are ready to sell an apartment in order to buy housing in the village. But not ready to live in a bad house without amenities. If someone offers them a good well-maintained property, they will gladly agree.

What can be done to increase the chances?

This is exactly the point at which the seller of real estate can win. Not in his power to change the distance from the city, the infrastructure of the village, the bus schedule. But you can, at a minimum, put in order the housing and the yard. As a maximum, make a good repair and conduct communications so that the house looks like the perfect option in the eyes of the buyer.

Although many owners dismiss this advice, they do it in vain. Some people even make money this way: they buy cheap dilapidated dachas, turn the house into a “sweetie”, and then sell it more, sometimes several times.

There are secrets here. Repair is far from expensive materials. But no one has to be deceived. To indicate “redecorating” means to tell the truth. And the house will look very different.

The main rule is to save on materials, but within reason. It is worth buying those that are slightly more expensive than the cheapest. If possible, do the repair yourself. If not, then find the best craftsman from inexpensive.

How exactly can you improve the condition of housing for a better sale? Even a couple of options from the following will significantly increase the value in the eyes of the buyer:

  • Use clapboard for external cladding of the house. The material is inexpensive, but instantly changes the look of the building. With its help, the oldest, terrible-looking house can be turned into a pretty home.
  • Put in order the fence. If it already needs to be changed, then use the cheapest materials for this. In this case, their quality is not so important. People will evaluate the site at a glance, it should look decent.
  • Complete "general cleaning" of the yard. It doesn't cost a dime.
  • Tidying up buildings. Also an extremely cheap way to improve. In most cases, enough hands, a hammer and nails are enough. In some situations, you may need a jigsaw, grinder and a screwdriver.
  • Eurowindows. A valuable advantage both in apartments and in houses. This is not only an improvement in the appearance of housing, but also warming. More comfort, saving heat in the future.
  • Nice door. Reliable - in the first place, neat in appearance - in the second.
  • If the house has water and sewage, then a good condition of the plumbing is required - without drips, cracks, chips and breakages.
  • Ceiling tiles, new wallpapers and inexpensive linoleum on the floor.
  • Painting of jambs, doors and windows, if they are not replaced by PVC.

Despite the fact that the cost of almost each of these tasks is several thousand, the price rises significantly. By investing 50,000, the owner can raise the price by 80,000 - 100,000 or more, depending on the location of the village.

The above method of raising prices is not relevant for semi-abandoned and very remote villages where no one is going to live at all. It is necessary to evaluate the total demand. If there are no buyers in this village for any kind of home, it is not profitable to invest in home improvement.

Remoteness from the city

This is what the seller cannot change. The farther the village is from large cities, or at least the district center, the cheaper the housing in it.

However, if there is a demand for residential real estate in the village, it does not matter how far it is from megacities. Quickly selling a house, albeit not too expensive, will work out.


Buyers from the same village or nearby villages with similar infrastructure will not care how developed it is. For citizens, this is a significant factor. However, if they want to "live away from civilization", which is now common, then they will be completely satisfied with one store, a first-aid post and a school.

This is also an indicator that the seller cannot influence. It helps only more accurately determine the cost of housing: the worse the infrastructure, the lower the price and the longer the house is sold.

Readiness of documents

For a successful sale it is important to have a whole package of documents:

  • Passports of owners (and birth certificates, if among them there are under the age of 14).
  • Certificate of ownership.
  • A document confirming a previous purchase, receipt or construction of a house.
  • Registration certificate of housing.
  • Extract from the USRN.
  • The house book or other documents confirming the absence of "extra" spelled out in the house.
  • In the presence of minors - permission from the guardianship authorities.

In some cases, other documents may be needed. It is important that everything is ready for sale. Buyers are very scared of phrases that "documents are not ready." Suspicions immediately begin, the situation repels them, and they can instantly change their mind.

Factors Affecting House Price

There are many factors that contribute to determining the final value of a property.

Among them:

The location of the object, in particular its price is risingWith the rise in the prestige of the quarter,

With the approach to the metro stop (or railway - for a country house),

With distance from industrial enterprises

Transport accessibilityThe value of the object increases when there are more opportunities to get to the house using its various types.
Assortment of infrastructure facilitiesWith the increase in the number of objects of any type of social (school and clinic) and trade (supermarkets) profile, the price of real estate also increases
ValueThe building itself
General environmental situation
Real Estate Market PositionAt present
Repair levelThis dwelling, as well as the area around it

For a country house, a number of its own criteria apply, these include:

  • the type of land on which this object is located, whether they relate to gardening or is it an individual housing construction,
  • type of settlement - village (including cottage), village,
  • the quality of access routes to it,
  • the age of the building, the old ones are valued lower; at the same time, you have to give unfinished ones at a discount,
  • the material from which it was built,
  • state of the object
  • number of floors
  • distance from the nearest major city,
  • the location of water bodies and forests,
  • security condition in the village as a whole and in the house itself, including the presence of security, the arrangement of a checkpoint, the equipment of the house with video surveillance.

Pre-sale housing

Having embarked on this procedure, the owner is required to look at the object with distant eyes. You need to see it the way buyers will look at it.

Thus, he will be able to find such defects of the object that were invisible to him when he looked at him as his own.

Pre-sale preparation involves the following actions:

Clean the area at homeFrom trash to create a positive first impression
Throw furniture of previous decadesNewspapers, magazines and things that are stored on shelves, although no longer needed
Clean all roomsBy removing dust and washing windows
If there is a restroomWash her and
Remove all expensive or valuable itemsIn the most secluded place or even take them out of it, since potential buyers need to be given the opportunity to inspect all the premises
In the bedroomIt needs to be put in order, bedding should be neatly folded in place

When selling a house located on a site, it is required to restore order in the territory, namely:

  • remove the grass
  • clean the beds and flower beds from garbage,
  • remove dried leaves and branches from the plot,
  • clean up the tracks
  • inspect outbuildings, if necessary, fix locks, put new handles, install windows in windows.

Making an ad on the site

Properly composed ad placed on thematic sites will be a significant step in the transaction.

When viewing potential buyers in any case will be guided by its characteristics, however correctly composed advertising will attract more attention and, accordingly, visits themselves.

First of all, you should take care of a clear name without embellishing the object. It should be written - “I sell the house”, but not “excellent” or “excellent”.

It is necessary to fill in the fields with essential information about the object. Excessive details should not be given, but a certain number of basic details should be mentioned.

It is impossible, for example, to do without:

  • type to which the property belongs (cottage or rustic),
  • number of storeys
  • total area, including residential and non-residential,
  • number of rooms and their size,
  • type of bathroom
  • the presence of a terrace, a loggia and a balcony,
  • a place for a car
  • distance from the railway station from the highway,
  • availability of infrastructure nearby.

If the site has a form, then, accordingly, it is required to enter information in as many fields as possible.

In its absence, it is necessary to provide information that will be significant and help to draw attention to the object, but not overload the perception.

Both an excessive amount of detail, and their lack will become a disadvantage. In any case, they should facilitate the search for parameters that have entered the site.

They also recommend that the ad should turn out to be selling, to resort to the effect of the "anchor", writing a certain detail that will attract the attention of visitors to the site and highlight the object from among others.

This may be the presence of sports fields nearby, as well as recent repairs.

A successful effect will be achieved through the use of brief emotional phrases, which will make it possible to exert the greatest effect on the consciousness of the recipients, but they cannot be exaggerated.

Avoid piling up abbreviations in the ad, as well as using numbers without explanation.

A specialist in the field of real estate will immediately understand them, but most of the representatives of other professions go to resources in order to buy real estate. Of course, one cannot directly point out flaws.

Moreover, it is not recommended to give details that can be interpreted as negative.

For example, to write about a pond located right near the house you need to use caution, since this involves a damp microclimate and an abundance of mosquitoes.

Likewise, finding a building in relative proximity to a busy highway increases its price, but if you write that it is located directly next to it, it will be taken as a hint of constant noise.

There should be not too few of them, since then the interested person will not make up the idea of ​​the object, but not too much, since then he will be overloaded with details.

It is necessary to present significant angles. The most key information in such ads is highlighted by a capsloc (in capital letters).

It is allowed to apply it only for a certain number of characters, for example, no more than 50. It is required to choose the most significant characteristics.

What documents will be needed

To sell a house, its owner needs to collect the following package of documents:

TitleCertificate of ownership of the building and the land, if any
Paper establishing how the item was acquiredThe contract of sale, gift, barter, certificate of inheritance, etc. Also for the land, if any
Registration certificate for the object
Cadastral planWhere is the land described
Extract from the house bookWhere are people registered in the living area
If you have a spouseWith which the property is jointly owned - his consent, notarized

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How to make a deal faster

There is an opportunity to sell property, both using the services of a real estate agency, and on their own.

The answer to the question, as soon as possible, is obvious, of course, when referring to the services of professional realtors.

They will effectively compose an advertisement, place it on the required sites, communicate with customers or their representatives, and receive all necessary papers. The flip side of this is that you have to pay them a commission.

The ability to quickly sell housing, while doing without commission, is to significantly reduce the price.

In this case, interest in the site will increase and transactions will not have to wait long, but the transaction will not be profitable.

If you want to get its real value, you can only pick up a client for a minimum period of time with the agency.


With an independent sale, the following nuances arise:

The owner personally creates an adRecommendations for this action were given above.
Searches for bulletin boards and other resourcesIt should be established which of them really work, and where those who seek housing for a purchase do not go
He needs paperworkFrom the list above
Objection requiredOtherwise, buyers will be able to bring down the price

Using agency

When contacting this organization, a real estate agency will undertake an effective solution to all the tasks specified in the previous paragraph, including placing ads, paperwork and working with objections.

Along with this, its employees:

Effectively distributes views over timeAssigning them to a time suitable for the seller
Professionally examining an objectThey will determine what simple improvements can be made to create a more profitable experience.
Finally, in the case when the agencyУже имеется покупатель на подобный объект, сделка дополнительно ускоряется

Таким образом, чтобы продать дом быстро и относительно выгодно, требуется обратиться в агентство.

This structure will take certain fees from the owner, however, its employees will be able to choose the best price, they will also convincingly answer potential buyers to all their critical arguments, the real purpose of which is to bargain.

Having studied all the nuances, the owner can still try to sell the object for decent money, but it will not work quickly, since the procedure itself involves significant time costs.

The criteria of “fast” and “profitable” contradict each other, but agencies apply them as far as possible.

  • Due to frequent changes in the legislation, information sometimes becomes outdated faster than we manage to update it on the site.
  • All cases are very individual and depend on many factors. Basic information does not guarantee a solution to your specific problems.

Therefore, FREE expert consultants work for you around the clock!

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How to quickly sell a house yourself?

How to sell a house? Photo No. 1

Many believe that you can quickly and correctly sell real estate only with the help of realtors. However, having prepared well and having thought over all the little things, you can make a successful deal yourself. Selling your home without intermediaries is not easy, but quite feasible. In order to achieve the fast desired result, you will have to think about a few points.

  1. It is required to prepare all the documentation necessary for the upcoming transaction. If a buyer is found, and the documents are not prepared, the processing of the transaction may be delayed.
  2. You should take care of the appearance of the property being sold. After all, the first impression of the buyer about your home plays the most important role.
  3. We need to think about how and where to advertise for its sale. Proper advertising of the product positively affects the number of customers and the speed of sale. At the same time, it is important not only to lure buyers with an announcement, but also to present the house in a favorable light during a personal meeting and inspection.

What to consider when selling?

If you want to sell a house quickly and profitably, it is important to consider not only legal, but also psychological aspects. The legal cleanliness of the upcoming transaction, the readiness of all the necessary securities for the transaction for buyers, of course, is important. Not all buyers are ready to wait until the seller collects all the necessary papers.

In addition, potential future home owners are required to study the documents in advance to verify the legitimacy of the seller’s rights to complete the transaction. However, the most important thing for buyers is the appearance and characteristics of the house itself. Therefore, they should be given special attention. Already on the way to the house, the buyer should form a pleasant impression of him. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the territory adjacent to it.

You need to try to look at your possessions from the side, identify weaknesses or weaknesses and eliminate them before the arrival of buyers.

With the mind you also need to submit ads for the sale of your home and communicate directly with buyers. To do this, it is important that you yourself have complete information about your house, including building materials, available communications, year of construction, etc. It will not be superfluous to advertise the place in which the house is located.

You can talk about its good location, natural beauties, interesting facts from the history of the area. It is important to adequately evaluate your property, offering a price that is favorable to yourself and attractive to customers. In this case, you can specify a little more, so that later there was an opportunity to throw it off. A seller’s willingness to bargain attracts buyers.

How to present a house to buyers?

Inspection of the house by potential buyers is a very important point. The success of the transaction depends on the impression made on them by the house and its owner. Therefore, it is important that the house itself, inside and out, the area around it, be put in order. The presentation of your home should begin on the way to it.

It is necessary to indicate the advantages of its location, its uniqueness, beauty, convenience. In general, you need to find the pros and pay attention to them. Then it is worth showing the territory near the house. For buyers, its grooming, the presence of a well with water, a bathhouse and other outbuildings, arbors, recreation areas, a playground, and a garage for a car may matter.

Describing the house itself, one should talk about such important points as the presence of the necessary communications, good lighting, fresh repair, strength and safety of materials, the availability of all necessary amenities.

If there are any shortcomings in the house, you should not focus on them. In order for the buyer to like the house, it must be clean, comfortable and bright. You should avoid cluttering, piling up things that make it difficult to walk around the house. Any trifle like dirty curtains, greasy spots on the walls, unpleasant smell, dim light can spoil the impression.

The seller must be polite, not too intrusive, easy to communicate, ready to answer all questions of buyers. The buyer should feel that living in this house will be not only pleasant, but also comfortable

How to prepare an announcement?

How to find a home buyer? Photo No. 3

For a successful and quick sale of a house, it is equally important to correctly create an advertisement for its sale. To begin with, it is worth deciding on the placement of information about your home. Today it is better to do this on popular Internet sites, but large print media of the city should also not be neglected.

The ad should attract buyers, make them want to see the described object. An important role is played by the ad headline. It should reflect what is for sale. The text itself should be short but succinct. It is better to write in a case without unnecessary epithets that do not carry a semantic load. For the buyer, information about the area of ​​the house, its condition, availability of amenities, location, availability of infrastructure is much more important than the words “wonderful”, “wonderful” and “good”.

Too detailed information about the house is not worth it, but you can indicate the following points:

  • sale by the owner without intermediaries,
  • recent repairs
  • availability of all communications and amenities,
  • the presence of a territory with a playground, a bathhouse, a garage, etc.,
  • proximity to schools, gardens, metro, center, parks, etc.

The announcement should contain standard information about the area, number of storeys, material of the house, availability of a balcony, a bathroom, communications, price, contacts of the seller. However, you can also point to the distinctive features of your home.

Home Sale Tips

Preparing a house for sale is very careful. In this matter, every detail is important. It is necessary to prepare documents, the house itself and the adjacent territory, submit an sensible announcement, correctly conduct an inspection of the house. To communicate with customers, it is better to leave several phone numbers, an email address. At the same time, always be available for communication, do not forget to charge the phone on time, check mail.

In a telephone conversation, you need to try to encourage the buyer to come to inspect the house. The seller should also make a good impression. It is important and its appearance, and the manner of communication, and the possession of complete information about the characteristics of the house.

There is nothing to worry about selling a house yourself. It will even help save money by avoiding payments to intermediaries. If you prepare well and pay attention to all the details, it is possible to carry out the transaction quickly and profitably. The main thing is to collect all the documents in advance, tidy up the house and the area around it, submit a competent announcement, arrange a good presentation to customers.

Self sale

You can handle without an agency completely. To do this, you need to take good photos, compile detailed advertisements and submit them to newspapers and the Internet.

And also to stick up wherever interested persons can see them.

  • You do not have to lower the price for the sake of a realtor commission.
  • The landlord, unlike the intermediary, can show the house any day.
  • No sudden visits to viewings.

Agency Sales

Although the seller does not pay a commission, the cost of realtor services is always included in the price of housing. So, the probability of a sale is reduced. On the other hand, the reach of potential buyers is increasing.

therefore it makes sense to use the agency’s services, but only under two conditions:

  • Only as an addition to self-sale, “just in case”.
  • No signed agreements that only they can sell the house.

Although in theory it seems that their services are a solid advantage, this is not entirely true. They are uncomfortable every time to go to shows outside the city, which means that buyers will be carefully screened out. They need a commission, so the price will be higher, which will reduce interest. And finally, buyers of rural houses prefer to do without intermediaries.

Regardless of whether it was decided to sell through realtors or on their own, it is worth paying attention to the situation on the days of viewing. Improve the impression will help the lack of clutter and clutter, cleanliness of housing, a pleasant smell in the apartment. As practice shows, this significantly increases the chances of a sale.

The better equipped and prepared the house, the more effort put into its cleanliness, beauty, reliability and accuracy, the higher the likelihood of a quick and successful sale. It is also important to present it well in announcements, take photos. With this effort, you can get the desired result as quickly as possible.

Attention! Due to recent changes in legislation, the information in this article may have become outdated. However, each situation is individual.

Step 1. Choose a sale method

Before you start searching for buyers and collect the necessary documents, you need to decide for yourself who will be involved in the resale of your property.

There are 2 options:

  1. Hire a realtor
  2. Do the selling yourself.

It is beneficial for a realtor to entrust the sale of land with a house if you need to sell the property urgently, or you are afraid to become a victim of scams. In this case, you will have to pay a rather large amount to the agency, but for this they will do all the work for you (find a buyer, help prepare the necessary package of documents, make an accurate assessment of the property, etc.).

If you want to start selling yourself, then it’s quite possible to find a potential buyer without any help. And how exactly we will tell now.

Step 2. We begin to collect documents

Even before the start of the search for potential buyers, we advise you to start collecting documents for your property, as this process can stretch for many months.

So, you have to collect documents separately for buildings (for example, a house) and separately for a land plot.

For sale home need to order in the BTI of those. passport and floor plan of the building. You come to this organization, write an application according to the model that will be provided to you, after which engineers visit you, inspect residential real estate, draw up a floor plan, on the basis of which you will be issued a technical passport.

In order to sell the land, you need to contact the Rosreestr and also inform about your intentions to sell the land. After you write the application, cadastral engineers will come to you, measure your site and draw up a boundary plan. Within 30 days, the employees of the Registration Chamber will check all the documents you bring and issue a cadastral passport.

Perhaps you already have these documents in hand. they are issued upon registration of real estate, in which case they do not need to be ordered.

If your land is not registered with Rosreestr, then you will have to carry out a number of additional procedures.

For registration of the transaction, the seller must necessarily have with him a Certificate of state registration of land rights. If you do not have such a document, then you need to re-register your land rights.

Step 3. We value the property

To search for buyers, you need to create an ad in which you have to indicate the cost of real estate for sale. That is, it is necessary to evaluate the land and the house.

You can set the price yourself, or use the services of an appraiser.

If you turn to specialists, then you will receive an accurate assessment of your property + an official document that can be shown to the buyer.

Of course, such services are quite expensive, but that’s why you’re definitely not cheap.

You can set the price yourself. To do this, you need to analyze the real estate market by looking at all the newspapers and magazines in your city and visiting specialized sites. Based on the available ads, you set a price for your property.

The following factors influence the formation of prices:

  1. Geographical location of real estate for sale,
  2. The condition of the house, its number of storeys, failed communications (gas, water, etc.),
  3. Remoteness from the settlement (or city center),
  4. Existing infrastructure
  5. The presence of additional buildings (sheds, baths, etc.),
  6. Environmental features, the presence of near scenic landscapes,
  7. Distance from the carriageway, etc.

Step 4. Looking for a buyer

In order to quickly find buyers, you need to make sure that your proposal knows the maximum number of people.

The most effective way is advertising through online resources. Place your ad on specialized sites.

In addition, you can stick up ads in the area where you are selling property, or distribute flyers.

Do not forget tell about the sale to all your friends, friends, neighbors and relatives. Sometimes word of mouth works better than the Internet.

It will be useful place an ad on the house being sold (or just say “FOR SALE” at the gate).

Step 5. We invite the buyer to view and negotiate

When a potential buyer calls you and is interested in real estate for sale, invite him to view. But before showing it, clean up the inside of the house and clean the area around it, take out the garbage, take out the trash, demolish the dilapidated buildings.

During negotiations, try to be friendly, considerate and unobtrusive. Demonstrate all the advantages of real estate for sale, casually mentioning the shortcomings.

Step 6. Drawing up and signing a preliminary contract

If the buyer has expressed a desire to buy a house with a plot under it, invite him to sign a preliminary contract. It is compiled in any form.

The contract shall include:

  • Material conditions affecting the execution of the transaction,
  • Conditions that relate to the subject of the contract (for example, price),
  • The amount of time allotted for the execution of the transaction.

The conclusion of the contract is not a prerequisite for the transaction, but we would still recommend signing this document.

  • Download Preliminary contract for the sale of a residential building

Step 7. Collection of all necessary documents

After drawing up and signing the preliminary contract, it is possible and necessary to start collecting documents for the sale of a house with a plot.

In different situations, the list of documents may vary, but we will list the main securities:

  • Passports and copies of the seller and the buyer,
  • A notarized power of attorney, if the transaction is not executed by the owner of the property,
  • Notarized permission of the spouse to sell the property, if it was purchased in a marriage,
  • Permission from the board of trustees (under the administration of your city, district), provided that a minor is involved in the transaction,
  • A document that confirms the seller’s ownership rights to the property being sold (purchase agreement, certificate of inheritance or equity in construction, etc.),
  • Technical certificate,
  • Floor plan of the house,
  • Cadastral passport,
  • Land plot plan,
  • Certificate of state registration of land rights,
  • Certificate of payment of land tax,
  • Extract from the house book,
  • Certificate confirming the absence of debts on utility bills,
  • Extract from Rosreestr,
  • Certificate confirming the absence of encumbrance,
  • Preliminary contract (at the request of the parties).

Step 8. Registration of the sale

Both parties (the present and future owner of the property) must draw up and sign a contract of sale. This is the main transaction document. It is made in triplicate.

1st remains with the seller,

2nd is given to the buyer,

3rd transferred to Rosreestr.

It can be concluded both at the notary public, and at any lawyer or without their participation.

  • Download the contract of sale of the Residential building with the Land
  • Download The contract of sale of a residential building (the land plot under the residential building is with the seller on the right of permanent (unlimited) use)

The contract should contain the following clauses:

  1. Title of the document,
  2. Place and date of his conclusion,
  3. The list of all objects covered by the contract,
  4. Transaction amount, i.e. the price of the house and the plot,
  5. Other terms of the transaction.

The contract must necessarily contain the clause “Transfer of land under the house”.

Step 10. Re-registration of property rights in Rosreestr and full settlement

In order for each reader to understand the procedure for processing documents in Rosreestr, consider the situation using an example.


Let's say a buyer Petrov sells his property to a buyer, Ivanov.

On the agreed day, Petrov and Ivanov contact the Rosreestr, where the first draws up a statement on the transfer of their rights and property. Then Petrov gives the collected documents to the employee of the Registration Chamber (the documents listed in step 7 + the deed of transfer and 3 copies of the contract of sale).

Both parties, in the presence of a representative of Rosreestr, sign the necessary documents, after which Ivanov transfers money for the property to Petrov.

If Petrov wants the buyer to personally transfer the money for the property to him, he takes several witnesses who record the fact of the transfer of funds, after which the seller draws up a receipt that the money was received to sell the property.

You can make a payment through a bank cell. This is a more reliable way for the seller, while at the bank you can check each bill for authenticity.

After completing all the formalities, Ivanov receives documents within 30 days that confirm his ownership of the purchased property.

Design features associated with the sale of land and houses

The legislation of the Russian Federation is not allowed to sell a house (or any other buildings) without a plot on which it stands. If you buy half of the house, 1/3 or 1/4 of its part, then the buyer is entitled, respectively, half, 1/3 or 1/4 of the land.

The purchase agreement indicates the fact that the buyer acquires a building with a plot. In this case, the price of the building (i.e. the house), the price of land and the total value of the property are prescribed.

Two contracts can be drawn up. One on the land, and the other on the house.

The consequences of selling a house without a plot under it

Despite the fact that according to the Land Code of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to sell a residential building without the land on which it is located, there are exceptions.

In 2 cases, it is possible to sell only a house, according to Art. 35 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation:

  1. If the land has been withdrawn from circulation. This fact must be documented,
  2. If the sold part of the building for any reason cannot be allocated to the new owner along with the land.

If the house was sold without a plot, and it does not fall under Art. 35 of the LC RF, then the contract is considered invalid. The buyer has the right to make a statement of claim and apply to the court.

The court will oblige the seller to renegotiate the contract and transfer the land, otherwise the encumbrance (arrest) will be imposed on the land. After which it will not be possible to sell, donate, donate, etc.


Making a sale of a house with a land plot is slightly different from the standard procedure. The owner must prepare documents separately for the house and separately for the land. At the same time, it is impossible to sell a building without a site on which it is located. By compiling one sales contract, the buyer becomes the owner of the house and land.

We hope that our article was useful to you and now you know how to arrange a sale of a house with a land plot. If you have questions and doubts, we would advise you to consult experienced lawyers for advice.