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Bouncers (game for children)

Three people or more are playing. Of these, one driver and two bouncers (bouncer). A playing field with a length of approximately 8-10 meters is outlined on both sides by lines, behind which there are bouncers, and the driver inside the field, or simply: the bouncers stand about 5-10 meters apart, and the driver between them.

Purpose of the game: to get on the lead with the ball (to knock it out).

The driver may catch the ball (candles) before it hits the ground.

You can play both outdoors and in a closed sports room.

Game Rules for Three Players [edit |

How to play (rules)

The platform for the game is divided into three sectors, medium, largest. Two bouncers are selected that occupy places along the edges of the site, the rest of the group is distributed inside, between the bouncers.

One bouncer throws the ball so as to knock someone out. If the ball hits the child, he is eliminated from the game. And the ball takes the bouncer from the other side. The game continues until there are no players left in the middle. The game can continue indefinitely, therefore, it ends after the player dodged the ball as many times as he was full years.

Important to remember!

The game can be complicated, a candle, a trickle, a grenade and a bomb can be introduced into the game. Increasing the area of ​​defeat, or, conversely, giving the opportunity to return to the game the eliminated player. There are still "bouncers with captivity." Knocked out players stand next to the bouncers and help knock out the remaining players.

Our children learn this world and go through important stages of development - through the game. This is how thought processes, memory, logic, imagination are formed. And boys and girls, playing, learn to exist in a team, interact, be tolerant and wiser.

It’s great when parents are included in this process, helping toddlers and older children how to learn to play correctly. And, of course, the joint hours of activities are a great pastime for the whole family, when different generations get to know each other’s features better, learn to understand and listen.

Of all the variations of games - outdoor, outdoor, for small and large companies, for adults and kids - choose the one that you like. For example, the game "Bouncers" will be an excellent occasion to spend time with benefit. Find out what you need for the game “Bouncers”, what are the rules of the game and what qualities it develops.

Play together, teach children and learn the rules of new useful activities!