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How to make sour cream yourself? Making delicious homemade sour cream yourself

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cooking homemade sour cream is a very simple matter. The main thing is to have fat cream and a little patience on hand. The essence of cooking sour cream at home is that you just need to let the cream turn sour. To speed up the process, you can use a spoon of ready-made sour cream - then everything will take about 4-5 hours at room temperature. Ready sour cream should be stored in the refrigerator, like a store product.

Cooking in steps:

So, all we need to make sour cream at home is fat cream. The lower the fat content of the initial product, the less dense sour cream will turn out. I have homemade cream, very thick. Pour them into a clean, dry jar, cover with a lid and leave in the kitchen for 10-12 hours. The warmer you are, the sooner the process will end. As mentioned above, you can add a spoonful of sour cream to the cream - the product will ferment faster than twice.

This is what the finished sour cream looks like - it was as if filled with air bubbles that are rising upwards. Just look, do not overdo the sour cream in the heat, otherwise it will turn sour and become unfit for food.

If you want, you can weigh sour cream - so it will be much thicker. As they say, to make the spoon stand. We line the colander or sieve with gauze in several layers and let the serum drain, which can be used for baking.

Sour cream at home is ready. We mix it and use it for several days, keeping it in the refrigerator.

How to make sour cream yourself? Making delicious homemade sour cream yourself

Sour-milk products are present in the diet of every person, they are a source of many useful substances, they are advised to give even to small children from a fairly early age. However, store products often leave much to be desired, so many housewives think about how to cook dairy products on their own. In fact, this is not difficult, you should only adhere to a few recommendations. I’ll tell you how sour cream is prepared from milk at home, I will give proven recipes. At the same time, I will not forget that milk is produced not only by a cow, but also by a goat. And this means that we will prepare sour cream from the milk of both animals.

Sour cream is one of the most popular fermented milk products, and is a cream that has been fermented with special fermented milk bacteria. Lactic acid fermentation leads to a change in milk proteins, due to which sour cream is absorbed by the human body much better than the same cream.

How to prepare sour cream from cow's milk at home?

To prepare such a sour-milk product, you will need two hundred grams of yogurt or sour cream, four hundred grams of heavy cream (from homemade milk). Combine these components and mix well so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Set this composition aside in a warm place for twenty-four to forty hours. Periodically remove the thickened layer from the walls with a spoon and mix thoroughly.

After keeping the right time, again mix such a dairy product, cover with plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator for one day. After this time, sour cream can be considered finished.

Some housewives argue that sour cream can be cooked without prolonged souring. Prepare the cream, add a little citric acid to them, as well as dissolved agar-agar or gelatin. The resulting composition will gain a sour taste and a pleasant density. After it must be kept in the refrigerator for a day.

To prepare this option of homemade sour cream, you can even use store milk, but it should have a short shelf life. First, warm it and transfer it to a jar or other suitable container. Cover the opening of the container with dense gauze or linen cloth, tying it tightly so that midges and debris do not get into the milk. Leave the container in a warm place for settling and natural souring. In summer, such a process can take place in one to two days, and in winter it will take about five days. Do not shake and mix milk during souring.

After the product starts to fit a little, place a colander on a wide dish, line it with a dense marlka and pour approached sour milk on it. Leave this design for a while so that the serum is completely glass.

After the serum is decanted (after about a couple of hours) you will have a jelly-like mass. Beat it with a blender, adjusting the consistency yourself. To make the finished product more liquid, add a little milk to it. Clean the prepared composition in the refrigerator for cooling.

To prepare this version of sour cream, you need to prepare one glass of fat cream and a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. Heat a glass of cream to a temperature of forty degrees. Pour them then into a jar, scalding it first with boiling water. Add a couple tablespoons of fresh sour cream to the cream and mix well. Cover the jar with gauze, fixing it with an elastic band. Next, wrap the container well in something warm, for example, in a blanket, and leave it alone for nine hours. All this time, you do not need to touch the jar, nor carry it over or shake it. After nine hours, remove the can from the blanket and put it in the refrigerator. The density of the finished product depends solely on the percentage of fat content of the cream used.

How to cook sour cream from goat milk at home?

It is believed that sour cream from goat’s milk is more difficult to prepare than from cow’s milk, it contains more fat, but is also easily absorbed by the stomach.

Take fresh goat milk and combine it with a little sour goat milk. Leave this composition for four days, covered with gauze or cloth. It is best to place the jar in a warm room. All the time of standing it should not be touched and transferred. Four days later, a layer forms on the surface of the milk. That it is a sour cream of goat milk. Carefully remove it, mix it (you can use a blender) and put it in the refrigerator. From the bottom in the jar will remain yogurt, which is also highly useful for the body and can be used as raw material for cooking various dishes, for example, baking.

Sour cream homemade on cream and kefir

  • 300-350 ml cream 20%
  • 100 g kefir (yogurt without sugar and additives)

1. Pour cream into a jar, add kefir to them, stir until smooth and leave in a warm place for 12 hours.

If you do this in the evening, then in the morning sour cream will be ready. Put sour cream in the refrigerator.

1st option

For this method, you need a lot of milk, at least 3 liters of peasant homemade.

  • 3 l homemade milk
  • 100 g peasant sour cream, for starter culture (In some recipes, this proportion is given: 1 tablespoon sour cream for every 250 ml of milk)

1. Peasant milk must be selected with high fat content. We look so that we can see an obvious division in the container where milk is sold, into cream and milk. The thicker the ball of cream, the fatter the milk.

2. Sour cream for starter culture is needed initially, as a peasant, and a store may be suitable, but you need to read its composition so that it is more natural, without starch.

3. The milk should stand for a while so that the cream rises to the top of the container, and then remove this layer in a jar. Add sour cream to the cream, mix until smooth, and set for 5 hours in a warm place. Then mix and refrigerate for 12 hours.

4. After we look at the consistency of sour cream, if it is not very thickened, mix again, put in a warm place, and then, as for the first time. The cycle of cooking sour cream for 2 days.

2nd option

We use 1 liter of homemade milk.

  • 1 liter of peasant homemade milk

1. Milk must be filtered through gauze and boiled over.

2. Pour boiled milk into a jar, carefully so as not to crack the jar (insert a spoon in the jar, and then remove). In order not to form a film on top, we cover the jar with a lid. As the milk cools, condensation will form on it, carefully remove it so it will not get into the milk.

3. At night, remove the jar of milk in the refrigerator. In the morning we take out and leave to sour at room temperature. After souring the milk, remove the top layer - this is sour cream.

Sour cream homemade Vivo sourdough

Vivo sourdough is a living and healthy bacteria, dried in a special way, and packaged in jars, for better preservation. Once in warm milk, bacteria come to life, live and multiply, increasing in quantity.

Products obtained as a result of the use of starter culture do not have harmful impurities; they are distinguished by freshness, pleasant taste and a thick consistency.

With the help of Vivo starter cultures, at home, you can cook yogurt, kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese based on milk (cow, goat, almond, soy) and cream.

1st method: in milk

  • 1 liter of high fat milk (6%) or homemade up to 4% fat
  • 1 vial of sour cream for sour cream - VIVO Sour cream, this amount of sour cream can ferment up to 3 liters of milk.

1. Milk homemade or pasteurized must be boiled and cooled to 37 - 40 degrees. If we use ultra-pasteurized, it can only be heated.

2. If we use 1 liter of milk, from a bottle with sourdough, you need to pour 1/3 of it into a glass, pour a little warm milk, mix thoroughly and add to the rest of the milk, also mixing.

3. The resulting mixture can be left in a saucepan, or you can immediately pour into a jar, cover and cover with a blanket, a warm towel, in general something warm. We put the jar in a warm, without drafts, place for 6-8 hours, for fermentation.

4. Then, we check whether the product has thickened or not, if it is not yet very thickened - leave it under warm for another 2 hours, check again. We store the finished product in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

The full taste of sour cream will be revealed only after a day of storage in the refrigerator, although it can be eaten immediately.

Kefir sour cream

  • 0.5 l - 1 l of kefir 2.5%, in a bag

1. A package of kefir is sent overnight to the freezer.

2. We prepare a pan, colander and gauze multilayer or kapron fabric, it is denser than gauze. Pulling the bag of kefir from the freezer, cut the bag, and put the contents on a colander, leave at room temperature for defrosting.

In the process of melting, the whey will drain into a bowl, and the sour cream will remain on the gauze. After, put sour cream in a bowl. Serum can be used for preparation without yeast pies.

Homemade sour cream on milk

  • 500 ml of any milk
  • 1.5 tbsp sour cream store

1. Milk is heated in a water bath to 80 degrees and cooled to a warm state.

2. Put sour cream to milk, mix. We tear the jar with a lid and put it in a warm place, wrapping it warm. We stand 8 hours. Keep in the refrigerator.