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How to leave for Canada: 11 ways in 2019

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About 250,000 people move to Canada annually. There are several ways to legally relocate and live in Canada, and one of them may be suitable for you. This article describes step-by-step instructions on how to move to Canada.

Method 1: score passing score in Express Entry

In January 2015, Canada launched one of the most advanced immigration systems called Express Entry. The purpose of the system is a more efficient and faster selection of highly qualified immigrants through the so-called pool (baskets). Express Entry is built on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which evaluates a candidate based on the information in his profile. Points are considered for the following factors:

  • Skills and experience.
  • Education (including new education rules in Canada).
  • Knowledge of English and / or French.
  • Language skills and education of the spouse of the applicant or partner in a common-law marriage.
  • A job offer is supported by a positive labor market impact assessment (LMIA).
  • Presence of a provincial government permanent residency program.
  • Certain combinations of language skills, education and work experience, which lead to a higher likelihood of the applicant's employment.

Read more about what kind of ball you need to score and how to increase it, read our material "Immigration to Canada by Express Entry: how to get the right score?".

Method 2: go to Canada through study

To date, the most popular and expensive way to leave and immigrate to Canada. The essence of the program is simple, you get education from a Canadian state university, paying everything from your own pocket (the price of annual tuition varies from 16 to 40 thousand per year), after receiving education you receive a work visa and through subsequent work experience in the specialty that you graduated in Canada, you can get a residence and after citizenship. More on the topic: " Immigrating to Canada through Study: A Path from Student to Canadian Citizen "

Method 3: go to Canada as a qualified person

If you are exactly the specialist Canada needs, then you have good chances to leave, but again, just being a specialist is not enough. You will need to provide confirmed, certified and certified translation experience, a confirmed, certified and certified translation diploma in the specialty, pass an English exam at the required level, provide property information, a criminal record, pass a medical examination, and most importantly - provide an offer about work from a Canadian employer. If all this is in your hands, then there are excellent chances for immigrating to Canada. Those specialists who are on the list of sought-after specialists for immigration to Canada have especially good chances to leave for Canada.

Method 4: leave for Canada through work as a nanny or nurse

Another popular program where many people leave and immigrate to Canada. Here, too, is not so simple. If in a nutshell: you need to find an employer and work for him for 2-3 years. A big plus in finding a job as a nanny or nurse is having a driver’s license. Valentina told us more about this program in our section “Immigrant Notes on Canada”, which left for Canada in this way. We recommend reading the experience of a real person.

In May, the Trudeau Government launched a new immigration pilot program for nannies and carers (or rather two), which will allow caregivers, elderly and children to come to Canada with their families, and also offer them the opportunity to move to the country for a permanent place residence.

How do Canadian authorities relate to immigration to Canada from Russia?

Canada makes you think about immigration from Russia and attracts many:

  • high standard of living
  • political stability
  • quality medicine and education,
  • peace-loving foreign policy
  • rich in natural resources
  • multiculturalism
  • vast Russian diaspora, but the doors are not open for everyone.

The Canadian authorities are loyal to immigrants, trying to create good conditions for them to adapt to the new environment. But Canadian citizenship is not accessible to everyone, but only to those who can prove their need to this power.

1) Immigration policy of Canada.

The selection of foreigners who dream of immigration from Russia is carried out in rather harsh conditions. We have to endure a huge competition (on average - over two dozen people per place) to become a winner.

In 2018, about 280 thousand foreigners will get a chance to move to Canada for permanent residence.

People are more likely to immigrate from Russia:

With relatives in Canada.

They can take advantage of the so-called sponsorship program. A marriage with a Canadian is a chance to become a member of the same federal program.

With higher education.

Preference is given to those who studied at Canadian universities or received education in Europe / USA. Alas, Russian diplomas will have to be confirmed at a university in Canada.


Even if you are a very good specialist, but work in an area that is not in demand in Canada, it will be difficult to get a work visa.

For example, good electricians or engineers with a European education in Canadian cities are in great demand, but Russian philologists, for objective reasons, are not very good.

No problem with the law.

Your past will be checked and, if it turns out that you have previously had serious problems with the law, you can not expect a positive response from the Canadian authorities.

With a stable financial position.

To move to Canada, you need money. You will have to spend money on the road, on paperwork, and on the initial device in your new homeland.

People with a decent bank account are more likely to immigrate.

Important ! Much depends on how well you present yourself to the Canadian authorities. Mistakes at this level are unforgivable and can forever erase your dream of immigrating to Canada. That is why many hire lawyers to draw up documentation for them and to help advertise the candidate for Canadians as much as possible.

Method 6: get married / marry a canadian / canadian

Perhaps one of the popular Google searches related to many countries. As for Canada, just getting married / getting married will not be enough. The process stretches for many years, and the host (who lives in Canada) will be required to sponsor you for 2 years. There will have to be a level of trust. That's not all, your marriage will most likely be checked for suitability, and this includes a bunch of questions, for sure, if you read about these programs, you know the details. You are called for an interview, they can either with a spouse or without and ask you a bunch of questions to make sure that the relationship is real. Canada also has the right to request information about correspondence, phone calls, photographs, and so on. In general, the process is not easy and energy + nervous, so think twice if you decide to enter Canada in this way. Same-sex marriage in Canada is legal. You can find your Russian-speaking love in Canada on our dating service at this link.

2) What to do in order to obtain immigration to Canada from Russia?

Immigration is not easy, especially if you've never done anything like this before. But as soon as you learn more, you will understand that most of the programs were created in such a way as to best meet the needs of citizens who are attracted by Canada.

So, an approximate algorithm of actions of those who wish to immigrate to Canada from Russia is as follows:

Really appreciate yourself.

You must understand what exactly you should offer the Canadian government: investments in the economy, a popular specialty, money to pay for education, your candidacy for the brides market, etc.

If there is nothing to offer, then you can either look for Canadian relatives, or ask for a refugee - no other way.

Pull up your weaknesses.

For example, if you do not have enough English, you need to improve it. If you intend to move for employment, then it is advisable to take an internship in some foreign company.

It is also important to collect money for the move - they will need a lot. We calculate the number of points that you could score using the existing rating system:> Select the program for which you are going to immigrate.

For example, if you want to find a job, then you need to act through the official website, where there are all the necessary forms for filling, etc. Refugees should contact the Canadian Embassy directly, etc.

Pass the IELTS English exam at the Canadian Embassy.

The exam will check how you speak, read, write and perceive information by ear. All checks last about three hours. They are quite within the power to pass within one day.

For one test you will have to pay about $ 100, but the number of attempts is not limited.

Collect the entire package of documents.

The list depends on how you are going to immigrate from Russia. For example, for work visa immigration, you need:


Valid passport


Birth certificate


Marriage Certificate (if applicable)


Diplomas with applications


Letters from former employers, etc.


certificate of good conduct


International driving license

All documents must be translated into English or French and then sent to the Canadian Embassy in Russia.

Your 3 x 4 cm photos are also needed.

Important ! The list of documents for immigration from Russia may be different. It is better to play it safe and send to the embassy all the official papers that you have or consult with a lawyer who previously dealt with immigration procedures.

Pass a medical examination in Russia.

If you pass the preliminary examination, you will receive an invitation letter to the Interview Waiver Medical Board. The letter will describe in detail where to go and what to take with you to confirm good health.

Inspection is paid - prepare a few hundred dollars for tests and more.

This is the final stage before departure. Right of Permanent Residence Fee is valid for 1 year - exactly so much is given to you to settle all your household chores and immigrate to Canada.

Important ! Another crucial step in the immigration process is to raise money. Only on the official part (language exam, translation of documentation, medical examination, application, visa, etc.) you will have to spend several thousand dollars. It is important to remember: to immigrate to Canada from Russia, you will need a lot of money.

1. Immigration to Canada from Russia through employment.

Perhaps the most realistic way to immigrate from Russia is to work in Canada. Highly qualified professionals are appreciated here, including representatives of the working class.

The list of the most sought-after professions in Canada today looks like this:


Managers and managers, especially in the field of services, HR and human resources


Doctors, Pharmacists








Social Workers and Psychologists


Working specialties: plumbers, builders, electricians, carpenters, welders


Highly specialized areas, for example: operators of construction cranes, engineers for the repair and maintenance of heavy industrial equipment, etc.

Naturally, in any civilized country the price is for successful scientists who are able to make a great contribution to science. The main thing is to prove your promise and demonstrate research results.

Important ! Keep in mind that the list of professions in demand for Canada is constantly changing, so stay tuned for current offers so as not to miss your chance to immigrate.

There are a number of programs that allow you to immigrate to Canada from Russia, based on your professional knowledge and skills:

The name of the program



Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

A core program suitable for candidates outside of Canada. It is aimed at qualified professionals who can prove their qualifications by having a diploma and work experience.


Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

A program that only qualified specialists who have worked in Canada for at least 1 year can immigrate.


Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

The program is intended for representatives of working specialties (primarily for those who worked in Canada)

All employment programs run on Express Entry. You can familiarize yourself with it in more detail here at this link:

The most difficult part of this method of immigration from Russia is to prove that your knowledge and skills will really come in handy in Canada.

You can immigrate to Canada from Russia:

  1. Having initially found an employer who will help you with applying for a work visa (in this case, either Canada’s contacts or paid services of international employment agencies will come in handy).
  2. After passing tests and a series of interviews on the Express Entry system, and then registering in the online system find a job.

Method 7: go to Canada for a program for entrepreneurs or business immigration

The essence of the program is the creation of jobs for Canadians. If you have an idea and an appropriate business plan that will satisfy the Canadian government, then welcome. The three main requirements: to have $ 300,000 in net worth of personal property and business property, to hire at least one Canadian and to conduct business for at least three years in this area. There are certain concessions for farmers.

Method 8: remain a refugee

There is a theoretical chance that upon arrival in Canada without visas and other things, you can apply for refugee status right at the border. It is advisable to have appropriate forms with you. If they are not there, then it will be possible to fill everything in place, after which the immigration officer will conduct an interrogation. If you can convince an officer during an interview that certain serious circumstances forced you to flee your country, then you may be given the green light to immigrate to Canada.

Method 9: Pilot Atlantic Program in Canada

The Atlantic Pilot Program in Canada (AIPP) is one of the easiest immigration programs in the world (correspondingly the easiest way to leave for Canada), with simplified requirements for almost every indicator: language, education, work experience. The purpose of this program is to populate the Atlantic part of Canada and solve the problem of labor shortages in the four Atlantic provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island). The most difficult part in this program is finding an employer, but recently each of the provinces published a list of employers through which you can immigrate for this program. Read more in our article "Atlantic Canada Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)."

“We decided to leave when the image of Russia in the Western world was painted pink”

At the end of the eighties I was 29 years old, my son was 7. My husband was engaged in science - the physics of clouds and was slowly going crazy. There was no money, I was a graduate student of the printing institute. Physicist and book publisher: no prospects.

Moscow was gloomy, poor and frozen. My husband and I began to significantly hate each other and got divorced, continuing to live together in a one-room small-sized apartment. Our friends left for Canada, invited to come to visit - to see what and how. I, a divorced mother with a child, today would not have received a guest visa for sure. And then they gave it easily. I fell into a period of time when the image of Russia in the Western world was painted pink due to Gorbachev's perestroika, and the Soviet people were too poor to emigrate en masse. Or just didn't know how.

But buying tickets was not easy. It was necessary to stand in line, and be noted in it. I went to celebrate two months in a row, twice a week for 8 kilometers on a bicycle. Do not come - drop out.

Today a different picture: to go on a visit, you need to prove that you will return. But by and large, few people decide to "leave forever." You can live, learn, and just see how they live on the other side of the world. The main thing is to know the language.

I then had about Pre-Intermediate. And I had no idea what I would do in Canada. I could not imagine either the local labor market or my place in it. But there was nothing to choose from: Moscow was tormented by a clear sense of impending catastrophe.

Now the requirements for visitors are high: if you are going to university, your language must be at least Upper Intermediate in order to read, understand the spoken language of the speakers, write correctly and be able to maintain a conversation on various topics. To get a residence permit - a level lower is enough. Нужно будет понимать вопросы, заданные вам на собеседовании в посольстве и быть в состоянии на них ответить, пусть даже и не слишком развернуто. А еще читать на уровне заполнения анкет и статей в не специализированных журналах и газетах. Например, Toronto Star.

30 лет назад у всех был интерес к ситуации в России, но никто в западном мире не понимал, что происходит. А Россия страсть как хотела в Европу. In the early 90s, Europe seemed like a paradise and a focus of order, a model of the future. We went there, or, at worst, in the USA. Canada was less popular. There was an economic crisis in the late 80s. Toronto looked and was quite provincial and boring, albeit a very safe and welcoming city. In short, Canada had a so-so choice. But, as North America says, “beggars can’t be choosers.”

Method 10: Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Five-Year Immigration Pilot Program

On January 25, the Canadian government announced the new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot immigration program, which aims to attract skilled foreign workers to the rural and northern communities of Canada. The program involves cities with a population of 50,000 or less or located at least 75 kilometers from the metropolis, where 100,000 or more people live. Currently, applications are being collected from cities until March 1, so stay tuned.

These are the top ten ways to leave and immigrate to Canada in 2019. The Canadian government also announced that it is actively working on a new way for start-up businesses in areas that are attractive to Canada, so read Vancouver and stay tuned.

Method 11: BC Tech Pilot for IT people

Introduced in 2017, the Tech Pilot program provides a fast way to a Canadian permanent residency for international talent from the IT world to British Columbia. Recently, the program has been extended to 2020. Applicants must have a job offer from British Columbia among one of the 29 suitable professions of a pilot project that lasts at least one year and which has at least 120 days left before the proposal expires. For more information on the BC Tech Pilot program and a list of professions, see this article.

IMPORTANT: On our telegram channel, we promptly publish all the news and updates related to immigration to Canada. Therefore subscribethis linkso as not to miss important immigration news.

2. How to immigrate to Canada from Russia through education in Toronto and other Canadian cities?

As of the end of 2017, over 250 thousand foreign students are studying in Canada. You can become one of them if you know English at a high level and have enough money to pay for tuition.

Of course, there is free tuition for students from Russia, but you need to demonstrate too outstanding results to qualify for it.

Another chance for students who study in Russia is to find out if there are special programs for student exchange in their educational institution, although, alas, this is rare in Russian universities.

Almost all higher education institutions in Canada accept foreign students who are willing to pay money for tuition. You only need to familiarize yourself with the conditions for obtaining local education on the official website of your chosen university.

Important ! A list of the main universities of Canada is available here on such resources:,, https: // www / universities-and-colleges / universities-in-canada.html

How we moved and stayed in Toronto forever

There was no money at all. But we didn’t have them in the Union either, so this didn’t scare. We scraped together about 400 rubles for relatives before leaving - two monthly salaries of an engineer with experience. We exchanged them for about 500 US dollars at an exchange rate that does not correspond to any reality of the ratio of currencies. That is, we received many times more currency than it really was at that time. 500 bucks and two suitcases with things and books. It seemed obligatory to bring books in Russian with you.

A couple of weeks after the move, we applied for immigration. Then it was still possible: to go through the immigration process while in the country. Now it’s impossible. We received a residence permit (landed immigrant status) for a year and citizenship three years from the date of arrival in the country. These terms are likely to change to four years or even longer. Despite the fact that Canada annually receives a quarter of a million immigrants.

I worked as a cleaner, nanny and waitress for about four years. Then she graduated from the crash course in college and never went to English courses, which are free for all immigrants. Work and communication with native speakers are much more effective. After graduating from college, I got a job as a manager of a medical office. And so it remained in this area - business management. Now I work in a professional association of technologists and technicians. I continue to study and courses in project management especially helped me in my career. I highly recommend them to people with an engineering degree.

3. Provincial projects - a real way to immigrate to Canada from Russia?

Today, the provinces of Canada can themselves develop immigration programs, depending on their existing needs for certain specialists.

The disadvantage of this practice is that if you immigrated from Russia to Canada under a specific provincial program, it will be very difficult to move to another province, you will have to live and work where you were called.

The provinces of Canada, in which the most real immigration from Russia according to local programs:

Details should be found here. The main requirement is to get an education in Ontario, an impeccable knowledge of English / French, a desire to live and work here.

The advantage is given to people who have received education in this province and highly qualified specialists in various fields. Details can be found here:

The requirements for applicants from Russia are different, but a prerequisite is a good knowledge of French. Official site for detailed information:

One of the first in Canada to start implementing provincial programs. Immigration from Russia is available both through employment and through education. Official site -

Residents of Russia may well immigrate here, especially if they have experience in the oil refining and oil production sectors. More details about the conditions of immigration to Canada can be found here:

Important ! There are other provincial immigration programs from Russia to Canada. The main thing is to really appreciate what you can interest the Canadian local authorities, and then take up the paperwork.

The easiest and cheapest way to immigrate.

Who can go to Canada? How to immigrate to Canada?

4. How else can I immigrate to Canada if I previously lived in Russia?

There are other ways to immigrate to Canada from Russia, but they are not available to everyone:

The path is limited for many entrepreneurs, because you need not only to have considerable funds (legally earned) that you are ready to invest in the Canadian economy, but also to fulfill a number of other requirements: know one of the state languages ​​well, demonstrate adaptability, etc.

The easiest way is to take advantage of one of the provincial programs of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Yukon, etc.

The so-called self-employed direction (that is, work in Canada is not self-employed, but for yourself) is available not only for entrepreneurs, but also for journalists, cultural figures, athletes, trainers, designers, cameramen, photographers, etc. Evaluation is conducted as part of the Federal Skilled Worker.

This is almost an unrealistic way for the residents of Russia, because you need to prove an immediate threat to your life in the Russian Federation.

This method is chosen by refugees from Syria and other war zones, but today they have a hard time, because the Canadian government, trying to regulate the flow of refugees into their country, is constantly tightening immigration laws.

If you have close relatives in Canada that you are ready (and most importantly - they have the opportunity) to act as your sponsors, immigration to Canada will be quite simple.

Sponsorship quotas are set annually. In 2018, you can submit about 20 thousand applications. In this way, families are reunited, for example, children with parents.

A real opportunity for women is to marry a Canadian. To help you - dating sites and marriage agencies.

As you can see, immigration to Canada from Russia is possible, only realizing everything on your own is quite difficult. If you don’t know where to start, you can use the services of a special agency, which abound in the Russian market.

Carefully choose an intermediary, having studied the reviews available about it, so as not to become a victim of scammers.

What you need to get citizenship in Canada

Toronto is now the largest and fastest growing city in the country. Located just an hour from the US border on the shores of Lake Ontario. Great colleges and universities, cheaper than American. The climate is similar to Kiev. Very warm summers, unusually beautiful and long autumns and rather unpleasant winters, humid and relatively cold. In many ways Toronto does not reach New York very much, but constantly strives for this.

To obtain citizenship now, you need to wait at least 3 years in the amount of the next 5 years from the date of obtaining a residence permit (the so-called landed immigrant status). In general, there are several types of immigration:

  • independent immigration
  • business immigration
  • student
  • other (marriage, adoption and others).

Independent immigration is very accessible to people with the “right” profession, and higher education is not necessary. Now there is a huge demand for blue collar professions - for example, auto mechanics. The most difficult for humanities, and engineers are welcome at almost any time. The list of “right” professions is constantly changing.

The older you are, the less points you will get when evaluating your candidacy at the embassy - points are assigned for many points: education, profession, age, marital status, degree of knowledge of English or French.

Student Visa Relocation

If you want to come to Canada on a student visa, then first check out this site. The cost of training varies widely. For foreigners, it is higher than for residents, sometimes 2-3 times, but nevertheless significantly lower than in US universities.

List of good universities: UofT - University of Toronto, one of the top ten universities in the world. In addition, there are two more excellent universities - York and Ryerson. A list of the best universities in Canada is presented here.

Near Toronto, there are several cities where top-rated universities are located, in addition there are several colleges (2-3 years of education) that provide excellent knowledge in the field of applied art, such as Computer Animation in Sheridan College in Oakville, half an hour from Toronto. Graduates of this college are requested by Disney Studios, which hires a significant portion of graduates immediately after graduation.

The level of education in colleges is quite high, many of them prepare for work much better than universities. This is especially true for professions in the field of medicine, construction, technology, and environmental protection.

Which English is required

Without good English, it’s almost impossible to expect you to pass an exam and obtain citizenship. But even at the very beginning you will need at least:

  • read documents
  • navigate the English-language Internet,
  • fill out forms in English,
  • to explain and understand well what you are being asked about.

This is difficult if you have never lived in an English-speaking environment, even if you studied English while living in your native country. Nobody succeeds in quickly learning a language from scratch on the spot. Even linguistically gifted people. There should be a base on which to build. It is easiest to get it in a high-quality online school in Russia.

The first stage of obtaining citizenship is obtaining a residence permit. With a residence permit, you can live in Canada permanently and use health insurance on an equal basis with citizens. The main restriction, compared with local ones - a residence permit does not give the right to vote. After living in the country for at least 3 years, you can apply for citizenship. To do this, you will have to pass an exam on the history and political structure of Canada.

Where to live and for what money

Recently, many IT companies have moved to Toronto, Amazon plans to open its main office here. In addition, in the suburbs of Toronto, Waterloo, a semblance of a silicone valley is created. About 100,000 immigrants and people from other provinces of Canada come to live in Toronto every year, which drives up housing prices.

To rent a one-room (bachelor) apartment in a decent area, you will need about 1000 - 1200 Canadian dollars (CD). For two-bedroom (two bedroom) will have to lay out from 1500 to 3000 KD and more, depending on the house and its location in the city. To rent an apartment in Toronto and Canada, use this site. Real estate prices in large cities are growing at an incredible rate, but compared to Europe, they are still lower. For a short period (month, two), you can rent an apartment through Airbnb.

In the early 90's, one could count on state assistance. Now this help is minimized, especially for those who came for independent immigration. Most of them. We will have to rely on the fact that we will have to live on our savings for several months. It’s not worth hoping that a well-paid job will be quickly found. It is possible, but unlikely.

According to the latest data, for a modest life in Toronto, a single person needs to earn about 40 thousand Canadian dollars a year

And I'm talking about the amount after taxes, which are very high. They can make up to 50% of your income, depending on the size of your salary. A family with a child under 18 will need about 60 thousand. These calculations take into account the prices of an apartment, food, transportation (without a car) and basic needs. Kindergartens are mostly private and can cost anywhere from $ 800 to $ 1,000 per month. Schools are free, but there are private and paid. It’s not necessary that they are better than free ones.

The large (relatively) cities of Canada - Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Halifax, Winnipeg - are most attractive for immigrants. Each has its own characteristics. Universities are in all of these cities. A list of the most popular professions can be found here.