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Mining is one of the most important aspects of 7 Days to Die. Thanks to her, you can get the materials necessary for the manufacture of cartridges, explosives and even traps. Usually mining is carried out using a pickaxe, although you can do it with anything, even with bare hands. The booty costs the player Stamina, in addition, when used, tools wear out. The lower the strength of the tools and the rest of your endurance, the slower the rate of destruction of the blocks. To learn how to get resources as efficiently as possible in 7 Days to Die, go to step 1.

The first day

Having appeared on the server, first look around and determine which biome you are in. The ideal option is a "pine forest" from another area is better to leave. Start collecting resources (plant fibers, wood, clay, stone, feathers).

  • collect wood by breaking through trees or bushes.
  • collect plant fibers from most other plants that you see.
  • we lift a stone that lies on the ground (an ax is needed to extract from stone blocks).
  • clay can be obtained by digging the earth (the brownish surface of the earth is dug by a shovel).
  • Feathers and eggs can be found in bird nests - food, water and a choice of housing: water from lakes and water towers can be drawn using an empty can (you can’t drink raw water)
  • for hunting you need to create a bow and arrow.

You should find a home soon before night. Get rid of zombies by archery. Put a bonfire and a sleeping bag. By about 8 pm you should have: food, water, weapons, clothes and tools. As night falls, start digging down to mine.

You need to get as much as possible: meat, skins, and other necessary resources to create a stove. We also examine garbage bags, bags and nests.

We inspect the territory for the presence of a nearby settlement, as soon as we find it, we must first search gas stations, shops and supermarkets. It’s better not to go into military bases and laboratories without weapons, because there are dangerous varieties of zombies. We collect resources for the construction of a workbench.

Your main task is to collect the necessary resources for the concrete mixer and chemical laboratory.

With the help of tools, we start, it is built into concrete, and then we put stakes, barbed wire, spikes around the house, we create a motorcycle, it will simplify your exploration of the territory, and also increase your capacity.