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Wear proper boots

Someone considers them super-convenient and unimaginably beautiful, to someone they seem strange. In short, the shoes are controversial.

The cons of stocking boots are obvious:

1. It is unclear what this peeps from under your skirt.

It can sometimes look, really, too strange. Men are crazy about long slender legs, but when they are “wrapped” in something leather or velor, it scares many.

2. It does not always look aesthetically pleasing

Some images with stocking boots look just awful. Girls, before choosing similar shoes for yourself, make sure that your options allow it. Short stature or fullness can play a trick on you in this case. Do not wear boots over jeans or other voluminous trousers, do not combine them with short tops or shorts.

3. It may look very vulgar

Be very careful! Patented or too wide hips over the hips can make you a moth. Maybe in erotic fantasies your man represents you in this way, but is it worth embodying these fantasies at work or school? Carefully approach the choice of the shape of the heel and related accessories. Do not wear leather items, tight dresses, or open the neckline complete with tall boots.

But if you believe the designers, you can and even need to wear them! Whereas?

How do good girls wear stocking boots?

Probably, as in everything else, the main thing is a sense of proportion. Choose a model that is convenient and suitable for you. Heel height, volume, tissue density. Think through every detail.

Juicy shade

May they not be black. Of course, black is more versatile, but all shades of gray, brown and beige colors may well compete with it. If your wardrobe is successfully combined with boots or playfully resonates with it, you will be at your best.

“Lacquered legs”

Immediately make a reservation, this trend is far from for everyone. Only a young slender fashionista can afford patent leather boots, and even then only occasionally "on the way out." But such a bright detail must be "drowned out" with dense matte textures.

Noble material

Whether it is suede or leather (or velor fashionable this season), it should look expensive. I am silent about cleanliness, but there can be no talk of any scuffs, chips and stains!

Bright accent

Make the boots a feature of your image, let them assume the role of the compositional center of the kit. Then you will become not just stylish, you will be at the top of the style!

Modest clothes of simple silhouette

Choose the right clothes. Let it be a simple sweater or a modest dress. Combine them with casual things: a parka, cardigan, a long scarf. Try different silhouettes.

How to choose and how to wear rubber boots? Infographics

Last updated 02.09.

As soon as September replaced August on the calendar, rains came to the capital. Rubber boots are a real salvation in slushy and rainy weather, more practical shoes simply can not be found. However, it should be remembered that such shoes are not suitable for constant wear. talks about the advantages and disadvantages of rubber boots, how to choose them correctly and how to care for shoes for puddles.

How to choose rubber boots?

1. When choosing boots, remember that they can be made from both natural rubber and PVC *. It’s easy to distinguish them - by weight. The lighter boots are most likely made of synthetic material, while the heavier ones are made of rubber.

Boots made of natural rubber - 100% rubber - are of better quality and will last longer. However, very few such boots are currently produced.

But PVC shoes have completely different colors and patterns, since it is much easier to apply paint to synthetic materials.

To protect yourself, when choosing PVC boots, ask the seller for a certificate of conformity and a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. Information on the material of the boots can also be found on a special insert, label or sole of the boots.

2. The surface of rubber boots should not be swollen and cracked. Also, it should not have scratches or whitish deposits - such defects can cause leaking boots. Fabric inserts (if any) must be firmly glued.

3. The sole is better to choose embossed (so as not to fall if it freezes in the morning). In addition, there should be no gap between the base of the boot and the sole, otherwise the shoes may get wet. A stiff sole should be avoided: if walking in boots is uncomfortable, you will get an excessive load on the spine.

4. Try on rubber boots on a tight toe, because the boots themselves do not warm. In addition, remember that you should be comfortable in the boots immediately - they will not take the shape of the legs and are not spread.

5. You can test rubber shoes after purchase: put them in a basin of water. If leaking, take it to the store. A purchase with a check will be required to be accepted.

6. One more tip: if you want the boots to be more comfortable in daily wear, you should pay attention to rubber shoes lined with wool or felt. It is advisable that the lining can be removed from the boot and dried separately - so it will be easier for you to take care of the shoes.

7. To protect your feet from direct contact with rubber, buy boots with insulation. High quality products use cotton fabric. In the insulated version - it can be fur (woolen, half-woolen cloth), bike (cotton), fleece (polyester).

8. Get boots with removable insoles or with a removable insulation - toe. They protect the foot from cooling, partially absorb moisture, and they can be dried separately from the boots.

How to wear and care?

To keep the surface of the boots glossy and shiny, you can wipe them with a cloth soaked in glycerol solution from time to time.

Do not dry rubber boots on the battery - glued elements may not withstand overheating and will begin to leak water.

To make boots more comfortable, you can put warm or orthopedic insoles in them.

By itself, rubber does not heat and cannot retain heat, does not allow air to pass through.

Remember that rubber boots practically do not let air through, so you should not wear them for more than three hours a day. In addition, in order not to create a greenhouse effect, do not wear rubber boots on synthetic or nylon socks.

The scheme of the greenhouse effect. Photo: AIF / Elena Slobodyan

If you are planning to go to a cafe or theater in rainy weather, do not forget to take change shoes, because in a warm room your feet in rubber shoes will sweat a lot, and when you go outside, you will freeze.

How did rubber boots come about?

1. The secret of the rubber tree sap was first revealed by the Indians of South America. They soaked their clothes, turning them into waterproof. With boots even easier - the Indians just dipped their legs into the juice of this tree. When it was dry, a pair of waterproof boots remained on its feet.

2. American inventor Charles Goodyear in 1839 he came up with a vulcanization method. Under the influence of high temperatures, he combined rubber with sulfur and received rubber, which he called vegetable skin.

3. In Spain, rubber boots are called katiuskas (Katyushkas), and in the UK they are called Wellington, named after the Duke of Wellington, who instructed the shoemaker to carry out a modification of army boots of the XVIII century. A new shoe was made from leather, and it was not until the end of the 19th century, after the patent for vulcanization was purchased from Charles Goodyear, that the production of waterproof boots was established.

4. Forty years after the death of Goodyear, the Goodyear Rabber Company was founded - the largest manufacturer of car tires and other rubber products to date.

5. Finnish company Nokia before the production of cell phones was a well-known manufacturer of rubber boots.

6. The rubber boots gave a fashionable style designer Elio Ferucci. He took three pairs of galoshes, painted them with bright colors and carried them to a fashion magazine, asking the editor to photograph and publish the photo. After the publication, the painted galoshes became a sensation, and they learned about the young Ferucci in Milan.

* PVC - polyvinyl chloride, a thermoplastic polymer characterized by chemical resistance to alkalis, mineral oils, many acids and solvents. It does not burn in air and has low frost resistance (-15 C). Heat resistance: +65 C. Often used in clothing and accessories to create a skin-like material that is smooth and glossy.

What to wear and how to choose the right rubber boots?

Remember the rubber boots you used to run through in puddles as a child? It was probably hard to imagine that, having matured, you will come across them again, but not only as a practical, but also incredibly stylish look of shoes. Combinations with rubber boots can be incredibly interesting and bright, here your imagination and our advice already play a role!

You can combine your favorite boots with such things:

  • Leggings or skinny jeans, tucked in. The image will be successfully complemented by a coarse sweater, a short jacket and a bulk bag. In any case, the combination of jeans and rubber boots looks extremely stylish.
  • Tight tights and skirts / dresses (if they match this style). A more interesting image will make leggings a little longer than the boot.
  • An ensemble in which a headpiece, a leather belt, a scarf or a neck scarf and, of course, the most important one looks especially spectacular accessory - umbrella - made in the same color scheme as a pair of rubber boots on your legs.
  • Out of competition, of course, cloak. for example, a plain cloak (coat) in combination with colored rubber boots (if the emphasis is on shoes). A light trench coat with dark plain boots will help to get a restrained laconic image.
  • The most daring combination is rubber boots and shorts. Any color combinations are suitable here. Rubber boots are combined with denim or cotton shorts and perfectly complement a fashionable outfit. You can wear them on your own or on top of warm tights, complete with a T-shirt and leather biker jacket.
  • You can also select cropped jacket, jacket or coat slightly above the knee.
  • Warm Knitted Cardigans . Regardless of the model, style and length of the sleeve, they are surprisingly well combined with rubber boots to the knee or slightly lower.
  • Boots will look good with a fine print in general, creating a gray-blue range, a colored or white cloak, light trousers or tights, an umbrella with a large pattern that resembles a print on boots.

  • The sole of the boots should be embossed, with a pronounced pattern, since you will wear them in rainy weather, and the wet surface is rather slippery.
  • Boots with antifungal supplements are best avoided. If they are provided, then the material additionally emits harmful substances.
  • When buying, pay attention to the rubber from which the boots are made. In no case should it be with influxes, smudges, bubbles, and the back seams should be neat and even. Inner back seams should be well-crafted to prevent chafing.
  • The size of such boots needs to be selected precisely, since rubber is a material that does not stretch or compress. In order not to miss the size, measure the shoes on the toe with which they will be worn.
  • In order not to harm the legs, boots can be worn no more than 4 hours a day.
  • To prevent your legs from freezing, it is better to purchase boots with a special insert of wool or felt. It is better if it is not glued, but looks like a liner that can be removed and dried / washed. This will not only allow you to wear boots in both hot and cool weather, but also facilitate shoe care.
  • When choosing this kind of shoe, it is also necessary to take into account the material from which it is made. This is either 100% rubber or PVC. In the first case, the boots are more durable, in the second - they weigh less, so walking in them is easier.
  • The sole with an intermediate layer of foamed PVC or polyurethane has shock absorbing and heat-shielding properties.

How to wear rubber boots

Autumn does not please with warmth and sun? Weather is not an obstacle to a good mood, because cute rubber boots will please you on a cloudy day! Even Kate Middleton and Elizabeth II herself wear rubber boots, so we have already prepared for you 5 stylish looks with rubber boots.

Style and fashion guru Evelina Khromtchenko suggests wearing high rubber boots with a miniskirt. With a plaid skirt, high boots in black, brown or khaki look great. You can combine purple gumboots with yellow trousers and a green coat. The colors inside the kit can be either bright or fairly neutral. But no matter how fashionable rubber boots are, remember that they are worn only when it is raining, - Evelina advises in the program Fashionable sentence. By the way, Evelina Khromechnko leads Instagram. where gives useful tips on style and compilation of images.

In addition, rubber boots appeared in the Balenciaga Resort cruise collection with the filing of creative director of the brand Alexander Wong, and in New York City covered with snow, guests of New York Fashion Week walked around. right, rubber boots!


Well, we fully agree with Evelyn: a miniskirt is a great pair for rubber boots, especially when it comes to the bright red Sandra high rubber boots for just 360 hryvnias.


Rubber boots are a great occasion to recall childhood and play with bright colors. Feel free to combine contrasting bright colors - rubber boots will endure everything except the seriousness they have found. Moreover, these Sandra rubber boots at a price of 340 UAH of a wonderful fuchsia color are perfectly combined with mustard yellow.


Sandra high gray-blue rubber boots can be worn with a mustard-colored parka, the same shade with narrow trousers, and complement the look with a gray-blue bag with a long strap and short handles and a funny umbrella in multi-colored peas.


The main thing to consider when drawing up an image with rubber boots is the width of the trouser legs. It is better to save wide trousers or jeans for another occasion, if you do not want to look like a shepherd lost in the urban jungle. With these short Keddo rubber boots for 680 hryvnias, it is easy to create a concise, graphic and fashionable look in a sport-chic style.


Elegant and restrained classic Mon Ami rubber boots for UAH 1,060 are ideal for a practical look in the style of the 70s. A neutral poncho, a gray felt hat, a gray and blue turtleneck, and leather pants or leggings along with tall jockey rubber boots will create a respectable and relaxed look.

When to wear?

Summer in our latitudes rarely pleases with stable weather. Thirty degrees and hot periods also happen. Therefore, summer boots are not only a tribute to fashion, but also a very practical model that is ideal for a cool summer evening.

However, most fashionistas decide to purchase a summer version of the boots all the same not for reasons of practicality, but because with the help of these shoes you can create interesting and stylish images.

Since the fashion for summer boots has been holding for several seasons in a row, more and more fashionable women decide to purchase such a model. After all, boots fit perfectly into a variety of summer ensembles.

Fashionable styles

Looking at photos of fashionable summer boots, it’s hard not to be tempted to buy at least one pair of such interesting and beautiful shoes. Most often, for the manufacture of summer boots using various options for textile materials, as well as leather or suede with perforation. The presence of many holes on the surface of the shoe not only gives them an attractive appearance, but also provides a sufficient level of ventilation.

Boots can have an open or closed toe and heel. Leather models with a closed nose can be worn safely in rainy weather. But on a warm day, boots that leave fingers open are more suitable.

The sole of summer boots can be any. Tall girls can choose models with flat soles, but miniature ones should prefer the option with heels or wedges.

If you need to choose a model in full foot, you should give preference to boots with a high boot. Since models ending at mid-calf visually add volume to the legs.


Openwork knitted boots look weightless and very delicate. For their manufacture, thin yarn based on linen or cotton is used. The height of the shaft can be different. Many people like the classic length - to the knee, but you can choose a shortened version.

To decorate knitted boots use embroidery, beads, satin ribbons. The most popular option - white summer boots in the hole. However, you can choose and color options - pink, blue, salad, lilac, etc.

These boots look very impressive against the background of tanned skin. Поэтому девушкам, которые не успели загореть, но хотят надеть такую обувь, стилисты рекомендуют воспользоваться автозагаром.


Еще более нежными выглядят сапоги, сшитые из кружевного полотна. Кроме того, тонкие кружевные сапожки можно смело надевают даже в жару, ноги в них вряд ли вспотеют.

Кружевные сапожки – это модель для создания романтического образа. As a rule, they are made on an elegant hairpin. These shoes go well with feminine dresses with puffy skirts with lace trim. Some brides choose lace white boots for their wedding look.


Denim boots in the hole - this is a very practical choice of shoes for the summer. Models can have perforation or mesh inserts or lace. To decorate jeans boots, embroidery is often used, as well as metal details - rivets and zippers.


Leather summer boots look impressive in the hole. The larger the area of ​​the boot is perforation, the less “hot” the model will be. But still don’t wear leather boots at an air temperature above 25 degrees, in the heat these shoes will not be particularly comfortable.

Another version of the hole “in the hole” made of leather is models assembled from straps. The straps can be arranged in parallel, as in gladiator sandals, or intertwined, forming a grid or fancy patterns.


Summer boots can have a wide variety of colors. But unlike winter and demi-season boots, models for the summer are rarely made black or gray. In the summer, brighter and more striking colors are more appropriate.

The most versatile options are white or light beige boots. These shoes go well with almost any summer outfit. In addition, shades of mint, turquoise, cherry, peach, caramel and chocolate are very popular this season.

You can choose the color of boots, both by the color of the outfit, and by the principle of contrast. In the latter case, it is worthwhile to additionally use accessories, choosing them for the color of the shoes.

If you plan to wear a monophonic outfit, then print boots will suit him. But for a patterned dress, it is better to choose plain shoes that match the color of one of the shades of the pattern.

We make fashionable ensembles

Before you buy a new model of summer boots, you should think about what to wear with this fashionable shoe. It should be noted that summer boots are not just fashionable, but also a very functional thing that goes well with a variety of things. Therefore, it is unlikely that boots purchased will be idle idle.


Modern girls love dresses. Therefore, for most fashionistas, it is dresses that form the basis of a summer wardrobe. Complete with boots, feminine models made of light flying fabrics will look especially successful. But it is quite possible to put on boots with a strict sheath dress. The choice of style will depend on the model of boots.

So, models of a direct silhouette will look great with white leather boots in a hole in a neat heel. The color of the dress can be any. White boots will make a successful pair with a black or dark gray dress, decorated with a white collar or white belt. You can wear white boots with a straight dress in pastel or bright colors.

Romantic dresses with puffy skirts and floral print will look great with both leather and knitted boots. The color of the shoe can be neutral (white, beige) or match one of the colors of the dress pattern.

You can wear summer boots and a sundress. Moreover, it can be a model of light fabric with polka dots or a flower or a sundress made of denim. To sundress you can wear leather, knitted or denim boots. If you plan to put on jeans boots in a hole with a linen or cotton dress, then you should include a denim jacket or denim bag in the kit.

Shorts and breeches

Boots in the hole go well with shorts. And it is advisable to choose boots for the color of shorts. If these are denim shorts, then boots should be chosen from this fabric. With white knitted boots, snow-white shorts will look very impressive.

Breeches complete with boots should be worn only by long-legged girls, since such a combination visually shortens the legs. Cropped boots are best for breeches.

Jeans and trousers

Cropped cowboy-style boots will look especially nice with jeans. These boots have a beveled heel and curly cutouts on top, giving the shafts a semicircular shape.

Bright summer pants are best combined with leather boots, choosing a shoe color according to the principle of contrast. However, the abundance of bright colors should not be carried away; there should not be more than three different colors in the ensemble.


With summer boots you can wear various styles of skirts, but the best option is flared models. It is not recommended to combine long skirts with boots, the most successful length is to the knee.

Evening look

Summer boots can be worn even with a cocktail dress. The ensemble in which the dress and shoes have the same texture will look especially impressive. For example, you can buy satin boots with figured perforation for a satin dress. Hairpin models are best suited.

Fashionable summer boots look very diverse. Thus, the brand Burberry Prorsum offers elegant summer shoes made in the form of a mesh. Moreover, the collection includes models both on high heels and on flat soles.

Fashion house Phillip Lim offers fashionable women boots made of leather, painted in the color of precious metals, as well as decorated with print. At the same time, the models make the foot almost completely open, as they have deep cutouts, both on the toes and on the backs. For decoration, decorative lacing is used.