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Do not sleep! Top 10 Tricks to Sleep

The co-author of this article is Chris M. Matsko, MD. Dr. Matsko is a former doctor from Pennsylvania. He graduated from Temple University Medical School in 2007.

The number of sources used in this article is 12. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

Don't you go to bed because of a movie marathon with your best friend? Or are you trying not to fall asleep with him, just to find out if you can do this? Or maybe you are preparing for exams together? Since severe lack of sleep can be harmful to health, do not let a person fall asleep only if he himself asked for it.

Yoga breath

Try to breathe according to the ancient Pranayama technique! It acts on circadian rhythms and fills the body with energy. This kind of breathing is called “kapalabhati”: you take a normal breath and a sharp, quick exhale with your stomach. Do it 10 times and your sleep will be lifted!

Let fresh cool air into the room. Better yet, turn on the fan or air conditioning. The cold will cause your body to get out of hibernation and activate to maintain optimal body temperature.

Cool water invigorates no worse than cold air. It is not necessary to wash your face and spoil the make-up. It is enough to wet your wrists with water - it will invigorate and even relieve a headache.

Do you bite your nose right behind a working computer? Take a short break and watch a very funny video. You can arrange an online discussion on a burning topic - this will quickly wake up brain activity. The main thing is not to get carried away!

Exercise stress

Tighten your body and exercise. Squat, jump on the spot, squeeze out! Any physical activity will disperse blood throughout the body, increase the flow of oxygen to the cells and give the body an additional charge of energy. A great option is a short walk. Researchers believe that 15 minutes of walking can relieve drowsiness for 2 hours.

Perhaps the most enjoyable and fun way to get rid of sleep. After all, he is “afraid” of tickling like fire! Tickle the upper sky with your tongue - this will help to shake yourself and cheer you up. And most importantly, the method is available to everyone at any time and wherever you are!

Chewing gum

You ask: "And where does the chewing gum?" By itself, it does not affect sleep. But it can serve as a good trick to deceive the body! When you chew, the brain receives signals from receptors in the oral cavity and prepares for food processing. Insulin is released, which causes a feeling of vigor! So simple.

Uncomfortable pose

Make yourself uncomfortable! Sit on a hard chair, take an uncomfortable posture - in a word, deprive yourself of comfort. Any state of discomfort will relieve you of the desire to sleep.

Music, especially fast and annoying, makes many parts of the brain actively engage in the work. It’s not necessary to turn it on loudly. Just choose a new song, rhythmic and unpleasant by ear - this will cause a storm of emotions in you and completely ward off the desire to sleep.

10 ways to stay awake at work

It does not matter how many hours the sleep lasted the day before - 7 or 3 - in some situations, drowsiness at work appears constantly. Especially if a person is an “owl”, and he has to work in the morning. Then it is especially difficult with concentration, because more than half of the working day is spent on fighting sleep.

In order not to sleep at work, you can use several effective methods. Their use will reduce drowsiness, increase blood supply to the brain, thereby provoking vigor, which is necessary for a long trip behind the wheel or when working in the office.

  1. Coffee Caffeine in coffee has an invigorating effect on most people. Therefore, the image of the “awakening” cup every morning is almost a textbook. Meanwhile, excessive consumption of caffeine leads to overexcitation of the nervous system. This gives an invigorating effect for the first hours of 1.5-2, after which the nervous system is depleted. With each subsequent cup of vivacity will be less. However, many people are simply immune to the effects of caffeine and immediately begin to want to sleep. Therefore, do not abuse coffee while driving.
  2. Fragrances. But aromatherapy is more effective. The same smell of freshly ground coffee has an invigorating effect. Therefore, it is still necessary to put a can of coffee at the workplace and periodically sniff it in order to increase efficiency. A similar effect is possessed by the smells of citrus fruits - lemon, orange, grapefruit. Truckers also use them so as not to fall asleep while driving.
  3. Pure water . Yes, taking an ordinary glass of cool water can also restore vigor. If possible, the water should be just cool - lowering the temperature has an invigorating effect.
  4. Chill. As a consequence of the above paragraph, we can conclude that lowering the temperature in the office will also help maintain vigor. To do this, open the window or turn on the air conditioning. You should not arrange a “refrigerator”; lowering the temperature to 16-18 0 С will already give the desired effect. Our brain is designed in such a way that in uncomfortable conditions it simply "will not allow" the body to fall asleep, because this can pose a threat to life. Therefore, cool air is an excellent “stimulator” of vivacity, which does not allow you to fall asleep either at night while driving, or at work in the office.
  5. Bright light . With a load on the eyes and bright light on them, the brain activates. This leads to increased performance. But with prolonged mental stress, especially if you really want to sleep, increased lighting will have an extremely annoying effect.
  6. Chewing gum. Chewing movements give the brain a signal that there will now be a meal. Therefore, such a “secret” can also help not to fall asleep at the workplace or driving at night. It is most convenient to use chewing gum with menthol for this - it also has an invigorating effect. You can use nuts or seeds. The disadvantage of this method is sufficient noise, and therefore it is worth refraining from this method when working in the office.
  7. The music. Clockwork rhythms, and especially singing along with them, also help to increase the time of vigor. This method is used by truckers so as not to fall asleep on the road. Singing along to songs will be more effective for staying alert, especially while driving. Slow melodic music, by contrast, is relaxing. Like heavy music that constantly plays, it creates too much noise, from which the brain simply “abstracts” and therefore will not be effective.
  8. "Toning" products. Dark chocolate, coffee in small doses, tea with lemon have an invigorating effect. Fans of original tastes can use ginger - it also helps to maintain vigor and helps not fall asleep during work or while driving.
  9. Traffic . Changing the position of the body in space helps to increase blood flow and gives vigor. Therefore, at the first signs of drowsiness, in order not to fall asleep, you need to get up and walk, do light exercises, stretching.
  10. Inconvenient place. When sitting in an uncomfortable chair or in an uncomfortable position, falling asleep, even at night, is very difficult. Therefore, if you have a long time to work, you should refrain from using comfortable soft chairs so as not to cause drowsiness.

How not to fall asleep while driving - 5 tips for drivers

Perhaps motorists have already been able to draw something useful for themselves from the first block of our recommendations. But we will not dwell on this. Before embarking on a long journey in your own car, check out proven methods to overcome sleep while driving.

1. Have a rest before a long trip for at least 8-10 hours. A good sleep in complete peace and quiet will provide vigor and strength that can not be replaced by more than one source of caffeine.

2. Turn on the air conditioner regularly to cheer up. Importantly, do not forget to close the windows so as not to catch a cold.

3. The presence of a good interlocutor in the passenger compartment is one of the best ways to stay awake. Behind pleasant communication hides the duration and monotony of the ride, because of which it often attracts you to sleep.

4. After every hour or two, stop the car and do eye exercises to relieve stress. First, blink actively, and then begin to shift your eyes from close to distant subject and vice versa.

5. Gnaw sunflower or pumpkin seeds. This occupation, as you know, is addictive, and therefore you are unlikely to fall asleep. The only minus of the method is the need to clean the salon upon arrival.

Drugs Against Drowsiness

There are a number of drugs that help prevent drowsiness.

Important: These drugs can only be taken after consulting a doctor. Without prior consultation, you can cause significant harm to the body, especially with uncontrolled intake.

  • Caffeine Benzoate "Coffee in tablets." Pure caffeine, the use of which allows you to maintain cheerfulness. Acts as a power engineer. It is categorically contraindicated for people with VVD for the hypertonic type and impaired renal function, since it causes an increase in blood pressure. In case of an overdose, migraine, nausea, and vomiting occur.
  • Phenotropil. Nootropic drug to increase the effectiveness of mental activity. Helps to cheer up "here and now." Long-term use causes exhaustion, and therefore do not abuse its use.
  • Piracetam Stimulates cerebral circulation, increasing the duration of mental work. Valid only when using the course.

What to do if you want to sleep all the time

If drowsiness is a constant companion, regardless of the presence or absence of stress, you should pay attention to the following recommendations. Their observance will help to significantly increase efficiency and maintain vigor throughout the day.

  • Regular sleep. Sleep should be given at least 6-8 hours daily. A normal amount of sleep helps keep you awake for the long term.
  • Eating vegetables and fruits. Maintaining the necessary level of vitamins also significantly helps in maintaining the necessary condition and helps not to fall asleep at the most unexpected moment.
  • Exercise stress . Regular physical activity contributes to the production of endorphins, which causes vigor.
  • Sex A great source of endorphins and good mood. But here it is important to consider that partners should both enjoy the process, otherwise the desired effect will not be.
  • Fresh air . Continuous ventilation allows you to ensure a normal amount of oxygen in the room. This makes it possible to carry out its full-fledged transport through cells and tissues, while maintaining vigor of the brain.

If you follow these tips, you can fall asleep very quickly. If problems with falling asleep are regularly observed, you should consult a doctor.