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How to find out a guy is playing with your feelings

When a guy is in love, he screams to the whole world about his feelings, tries to ensure that his relatives and friends not only recognize your name, but also regularly spend time with you. It is important for him that they like you and become a person who is included in his "circles". But if he is in no hurry to introduce you to his family, does not like to be seen with him, and you usually go only to places where no one knows him, then something is wrong! Maybe this means that he has girls besides you and he is afraid that they will see you together, so he tries to hide you. If you feel that this is exactly what is happening, then the answer suggests itself ...

He rarely calls you

I call my girlfriend every day, we talk for hours. If we take a break in this marathon, I begin to feel the emptiness inside. If a guy with whom you are together rarely or never calls, this may mean that he is not interested in you and you are just a toy for him. Surely, he has someone more important on the phone. Perhaps the other girls he lies to. As a guy, I can say that I have a couple of such friends and their behavior disgusts me.

He does not reveal to you

When a guy is sincerely in love, he tries to share with you all the events of his life. He will talk about everything: ups and downs. Because he wants you to love him as he is, wants your love and support. But if the guy you are dating doesn't open up to you and most of your conversations are flirting, then he just plays.

He let you down

When a guy loves, he appreciates every moment spent with you. He knows that your time is valuable, and spends a lot of time with you and will never refuse to meet you. But if he cancels your joint plans ... Builds them, and then refuses at the last moment, maybe there are more important people in his life. Don’t get me wrong, canceling plans on their own is not scary. Everyone is sometimes busy. But if this happens often ... You are unlikely to be important to him.

Your feelings are not important to him.

If a guy really loves, then your feelings are far from indifferent to him. He will make sure that you always smile and do not hurt. If you quarrel, then he comes and puts up. But if your boyfriend doesn’t give a damn whether you are sad or you feel bad ... If he doesn’t even try to ask if you’re okay ... Or shows false compassion ... He probably just plays!

He has a bunch of girl friends

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a guy having girlfriends, just like having girls with friends. But if he has an obviously unhealthy number of them, even to the point that he is constantly on the phone with one of them ... Even when you spend time with them, he always talks about another girlfriend, not paying attention to what you want to say ... This is also a clear signal that he does not take you seriously. And you have to leave him.

He always complains

Guys who love usually don’t pay attention to how you look or smell. They love you the way they are, and not for tons of makeup. But if a guy always complains about your appearance, and even when you look just fine, he says that it could have been better, and all your efforts just go nowhere, and it hurts again, you most likely have to do with a womanizer!

He hides his phone from you

I mentioned this in many of my previous articles that real relationships are built on trust. Phones and social networks are not that important when it comes to love. My phone is usually always in the hands of my girlfriend because she plays games on it and also because I have nothing to hide. If your boyfriend somehow behaves strangely with the phone, prints something when you do not see and goes far to answer some important calls, does not show you your phone, no matter how you ask, and then blames you that you accuse him of infidelity, then he is definitely not true!

His past is a mystery

Before you start dating someone, get the most out of them. Otherwise, you may find yourself with someone who tells you different stories about his past every time such a topic pops up. When you ask him about the number of girls he was with, the figure is always different. If everything is somehow not clear, and he is hiding something from you - you're with a womanizer!

It all comes down to sex

If you are with a guy who will rather spend time in bed than talk with you, you are definitely not with that guy, and he just plays with you. Physical intimacy is important in any relationship, but it does NOT DEFINE them. If he is always in a hurry to get under your skirt and is not even interested in your feelings, or if every time you refuse, he sets up a stage and starts blaming you for everything, you are a womanizer and you have to stop it!